I desire to construct an engine hoist in my garage. I found a post on a website and it is exactly what i desire to do. Please check it out.


Just wondering how safe this actually is?

in mine garage I have 2x6s spaced 24 inches apart. And also a 12 foot expectancy ( garage is 12 feet broad ) is there a way/formula to figure out how much a 2x6 standind on finish with the weight in the center can hold. Ns would definitely cross 3 trusses to spread the weight.

A 4 cylinder engine is pretty irradiate 300 lbs. But Could i lift a V8 engine 600 - 700 lbs? v tranny and engine might be close to 900 lbs but really just guessing here.

any think or principles would be considerably appreciated. I"m all about safety and also definitely don"t want this falling under on my head.

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6 year ago

My assumption: v is that the roof framing is not really trusses. Engineered trusses with expectancy of just 12 feet would certainly not usage 2x6 as the lower chord.Loading of the framing for brief periods the time, a pair of hours, is quite different from lengthy term loading such as numerous months. Covering 3 of the joists is a good idea. If you add a jackpost under the joist that is in the center of the trio on every side that the vehicle, that efficiently shortens the unsupported expectancy to a bit under 8 feet. Doing the temporarily once using the hoist must be fine.

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6 year ago

Another thought about the 2 x 6 joist is the truth that the joist once loaded will tend to rotate/turn at the top. That is restrained from doing so at the ends. Including bridging or hard blocking come the surrounding joists at additional points, an especially the center of the span, helps avoid this rotation and also thus boosts the weight it will support without failing. This rotation is referred to as precession.


6 years ago

Could girlfriend sister the joist v a gluelam beam? Or even a couple of 2x12"s? That have to easily carry the weight assuming the is sustained with ideal posts at each sidewall. You"d desire to add blocking to withstand twisting. I"m sure bus_driver"s proposal will also work.


6 year ago

Loading a two pressure member mid span is never ever a an excellent idea. Truss systems should only be invited at the joints. Having actually said that, if you want a an excellent site to discover the price to your question about if there is one equation, walk to engineerstoolbox.com and also find your method around to beam loading. Also, google "Beam tables" and the equations will be best there for you.

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