Welcome to her trusty Pawnbroker’s buying overview for the Sony playstation 4 (PS4), the 8th hottest marketing item ranked by Bravo save Systems. When looking to take in a PS4, below are several of the… read More

Welcome to her trusty Pawnbroker’s buying guide for the Sony playstation 4 (PS4), the 8th hottest selling item ranked through Bravo store Systems.

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When spring to take in a PS4, here are some of the measures to obtaining the right system, and also selling it for the right price.

Start v the research. Look up the system and also compare the numbers. Examine out sites like eBay, Buya and large retailers to watch what the device is marketing for new, used and in between. Relying on the problem of the system and also its accessories, it might be the difference of over $100 in or out of her pocket. Get a good idea that what to intend when selling the system, climate you can prepare it because that its highest price.

If you space utilizing Bravo, the estimator will administer you an estimated Pawn or purchase amount because that the items based turn off of current information listed to the Bravo system – taking a lot of the guesswork the end of the process. However, the adhering to are every details come consider, even with Bravo, when soaking up and pricing a ps4:

PS4 video game consoles

Things come look for: consoles through minimal scratches or dents and clearly visible serial numbers. Systems that space in ‘like new’ condition sell, top top average, for $110 more and 10 days much faster than ‘as is’ or ‘parts only’ condition. Consoles such as the PS4 Batman edition can mean a higher value because that the system.


DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Things to look for: clean and also working buttons and also the right and left activity sticks have to be quickly movable. A brand-new PS4 has actually one controller included. Added controllers can add to system’s value. Equipment without an original controller are priced for $40 less than average.


HDMI, USB, Mono Earphone and also Power Cables

Things come look for: a complete collection of PS4 cables and also earphone room imperative. Lacking cables can lower the price of device by $40 and do consoles harder to sell. Cables that are nicely coiled and/or room in the original packaging will likewise help. You have the right to supplement lacking cables through finding instead of cables that you might already sell in-store. Make sure the cables room compatible and also be clean that they are replacement cables when sold.


PS4 rapid Start Guide

Things come look for: pages that room clean and also without ripped or folded pages. Including things like The rapid Start overview can push the condition from ‘good’ up come ‘very good’ raising your price through $10 more.


PS4 Box

Things come look for: make certain the box is clean and functional. The plastic coverings the come v the box aid protect the items indigenous dust and also scratches. Ziploc bags deserve to be provided in location of missing cable bags. Items that have actually been Manufacturer’s refurbished execute not have to come with the plastic coverings, although they are preferred.


Console Stand

This item is not consisted of with the system but it is a nice enhancement to your sale. Take treatment to point out it when selling her item.


Steps to Take as soon as Selling

Wipe the data

If the system has been used, take the time to wipe the data native the system’s drive. You can execute this by resetting the mechanism to manufacturing facility default settings. This will reset any type of changes that have made and will aid remove the personal information native the system.


Depending ~ above system’s condition, cleaning is one of the finest ways the prepping the system. If the system is new and still in the plastic, you have the right to skip ahead. The console itself have to be cleaned with a nonabrasive cloth to remove any dust and dirt. This will provide you an idea if the console has any scratches or dents i m sorry may affect the price. Controllers must also be cleaned, taking treatment not scrape the surface. Make sure buttons room cleaned and easily movable. Through the power cables and the mono earphone, take a cloth and also pinch that around the cable and also gently traction the cable v your pinched fingers. This is an easy and fast way come clean cables. Remember no pull too difficult as you might damage the cables. And, the PS4 box deserve to be dusted, making sure not to use any type of wet cloths or sprays.


Picture time

Whether marketing online or in store, take images of the system and also accessories. Pictures are a an excellent way of maintaining track the what dents and scratches the system has and also what accessories came v it. Location the items in a fine lit area, making certain that there is nothing in the lift to odor from the picture. Take multiple photos of the system at various angles and close-ups of any kind of scratches or dents. Take photos of each part the the PS4 separately and also together together a whole, consisting of the packaging. Encompass clear pictures that serial numbers and also the quick Start Guide, in which you can easily read the numbers and also text.


Back in the box

The finest thing when selling the PS4 is to have actually the original packaging; this will certainly greatly increase the value. The PS4 box comes through cardboard inserts that protect the device and make it easier to transport. As soon as you have actually the device cleaned and dry, location the items back right into their plastic coverings if you have actually them. If not, then location the system back into their ideal compartments. Take treatment to nicely coil and secure the cables and also mono headphone with a twisty tie or Ziploc bag. Separating the cables will organize lock and give a much better appearance. The ‘Welcome come the world of PlayStation’ PS4 rapid Start Guide also comes with its very own plastic packaging and box compartment.

Sell time

Once did you do it cleaned, prepped and also decided ~ above a good price for the system, you’re ready to sell. Make certain to it is in clear about scratches, dents and lacking or replacement controllers or cables. Walk in through a clear expectation of your price yet have a negotiable selection to work with. If friend follow this steps, you will do it be top top your method to selling faster and more efficiently.

Quick Stats:

-The median price that a PS4 marketed in pawn shops is $236.21. Brand new PS4’s space currently retailing because that $329.99. Mean loan quantities are $156.96.

-Average number of days to market is 25 days.

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-November to April has the highest turnover rates

-Manufacturer’s refurbished – These room systems that have been professionally restored to functioning order by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved vendors. This method the product has been inspected, cleaned, and also repaired to meet manufacturer specifications and is in wonderful condition. This item may or may not be in original packaging. The manufacturer’s refurbished status deserve to increase the system’s worth to ‘like new’.


Hardware Stats:

Main Processor

Single-chip tradition processorCPU: low strength x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 coresGPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ graphic Core following engine



Hard decaying Drive

Built-in 500GB

Optical journey (Read only)


Input/Output (I/O)

Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX


AV output

HDMIDigital output (optical)

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