Bishop Noel Jones received wild criticisms in 2017 as soon as he announced he was currently divorced native his wife, Jones. Just like other pastors in the world, Noel Jones has been hit with criticisms, had actually to face his very own battles and this is why having a look right into his bio, marriage, divorce and 7 untold facts will reveal and also tell an ext about just how the California-based clergy man has had to attend to all this encounters.

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Biography of Bishop Noel Jones 

As a young boy, Noel Jones grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica, along through 7 other siblings. His parents Robert Jones and Marjorie Jones were very well-known in his neighbourhood and country. As as matter of fact, his father, Bishop Robert Jones to be a famous cleric the the Apostolic church and also later a really vocal and radical Jamaican politician.

He also spent many of his teenage stages in the united States once his parents relocated to Syracuse in 1965, in addition to Noel, Chris and Grace. Noel was just 15-years-old in ~ the time and went on to attend St. Jago High School, bagged a Bachelor of scientific research degree and Theology degree from Aenon scriptures College.

After he received his first pastorate at the Bethel Temple of Longview in Longview, Texas, Noel Jones continued to blossom in the ministry and together a result in 1994 he was liked to take end Bishop Robert W. McMurray and also his congregation of about 1,000 members. In the years the followed, early out to

Noel Jone’s influence, membership increased in large numbers that the church had to sought the end a brand-new location to situate the building to accomodate its growing parishioners. During this time, Noel Jones rose from a senior pastor to Bishop and the church changed its name from the higher Bethany neighborhood Church to the City the Refuge Church with that location in Gardena, California, and a current estimated 17,000 members

His Marriage and Divorce

Bishop Noel Jones and also Loretta Jones (Image Source)

Bishop Noel Jones was married for 22-years and also their marriage developed three children namely; Tifani, Eric, and Noel. Perhaps, that keeps his personal life private, he seldom mentions the name the his ex-wife.

Just like various other ministers worldwide, who have unfortunately experienced failed marriges, Noel Jones to be heavily criticized once he announced his separation from his wife of over two decades. However, the is reported to have been in a longtime relationship v a certain Loretta, even though that has expressed his fears of remarrying whenever soon.

Facts You no Know about Bishop Noel Jones

1. Jones Started once He was Young

Noel Jones received his speak to and became a minister at the young age of 19. His decision to enter the evangelism and ministerial occupational at together age, put him in the category of those young ones that select to continue in the route of their currently famous parents. Being the child of a an extremely famous clergy man, Bishop Robert Jones, there were much desirable expectations because that the young lad to either follow in his father’s tracks, to fill in the pair of shoes of his father or surpass his father’s legacies.

Within a quick period, Noel Jones was already one the the most prominent pastors in the joined States. Hence, at 26, the Bethel Temple of Longview, bestowed on him his an initial pastorate at Texas.

2. Bishop Noel Jones has A pair

Not many world are mindful that the famous supermodel and singer, elegant Jones is the twin sister the Bishop Noel Jones.

3. That is fear of Remarrying 

Perhaps, Bishop Noel Jones never envisioned that his marriage with his former wife will experience a havoc and end the way he did. He has openly admitted on numerous interviews that he is in no sirloin to remarry or go to partner. In his own words; ”I was married because that 22 years and also I’m one of those men who’s divorced and also is an especially afraid of being married again.” and this, “Many far-ranging Bible characters were not married. Marital relationship is no a prerequisite because that being in the pulpit.”

4. Jones has An Honorary Degree 

In the food of his ministration, that has become a force come reckon with once it comes to biblical teachings in the US. Thus, that does not come much as a surprised that he to be awarded an honorary doctoral level from the global Circle of faith College.

5. The Bishop has Been In Relationships After His Marriage 

Bishop Noel Jones has dated a couple of stunning ladies after his divorce. The likes of LisaRaye McCoy, one American model and actress, and currently, a lady simply determined as Loretta.

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6. He Shares A Cordial Friendship With T.D Jakes 

One that the most outspoken pastors after ~ Martin Luther King Jnr is Bishop T.D. Jakes. Bishop Noel Jones is a cordial friend to the great man.

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7. Bishop Noel Jones was in A Paternity Controversy 

One time, a certain Stacy Francis released a statement around Noel Jon’s been the father of she child, ”I love him an extremely much and I am not ashamed of my baby. Our baby.” A former X-Factor finalist, Stacy claimed that she had actually an affaor v the bishop if she was going with a divorce native her an initial husband. However she will later on retract the statement, stating she never granted one interview on her claims.

Complete profile of Bishop Noel

Bishop Noel
Full NameNoel Jones
Date that Birth 31 January 1950
Age71 year
Zodiac signAquarius
Place the Birth Spanish Town, Jamaica
NationalityJamaican- American
CareerActor, Author and Minister/Bishop
EducationAenon scriptures College international Circle of FaithSt Jago High School
FatherRobert W. Jones
MotherMarjorie Jones
SiblingsGrace Jones, chris Jones and also 5 more
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseRuth Jones
ChildrenTifani, Eric, and Noel
Net Worth $5 million
Source of IncomeMinister/Bishop, Author and also Acting career
Social MediaInstagramTwitter