Bishop Paul S. Morton Biography

Paul S. Morton is a Baptist minister in the joined States. That is the senior pastor that Atlanta’s an altering a Generation full Gospel Baptist Church and also co-pastor of brand-new Orleans’ better St. Stephen full Gospel Baptist Church. He’s likewise a musician, songwriter, and the founder that the complete Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International.

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How old is Bishop Paul S. Morton? – Age

He is 70 year old together of 30 July 2020. He to be born Paul Sylvester Morton in 1950 in Windsor, Canada.

Bishop Paul S. Morton Family

Morton is the son of C.L. Morton Sr., a previous priest, and also Matilda E. Morton, a previous evangelist. His father was the minister of 2 congregations, one in Windsor, Ontario, referred to as Mount Zion Church that God in Christ in Canada, and also the other in Detroit, Michigan, referred to as Mount Zion Tabernacle Church the God in Christ, both of i m sorry belonged to the Church of God in Christ, Inc. (COGIC) denomination. He had the musical capacity as a child. The sang v his brothers, Bishop C.L. Morton Jr., Bishop James H. Morton, and the lesser-known, George Morton, and became renowned in the united States. The was also the founder that the small Progressives, a young to sing group, and the manager of his father’s church’s Youth Choir.

Is Bishop Paul Morton quiet married? – Wife

Morton married the previous Debra Brown in December 1977, soon after his appointment as an elderly pastor of St. Stephen MBC. Jasmine, Paul Jr., and also Christiann room their 3 children. His boy Paul Jr. Went on to become PJ Morton, a Grammy Award-winning musician.

Bishop Paul S. Morton Photo

How much is Bishop Paul Morton worth? – net Worth

He has actually an approximated net precious of $10 Million.

Bishop Paul S. Morton Church

Morton committed to a mission that “helping people accomplish their can be fried spiritual potential.” Under Morton’s leadership, both the congregation’s financial and spiritual development would skyrocket. Bishop Morton proceeds to broadcast words of God ~ above radio and television. The is likewise the founder and president of the Paul S. Morton, Sr. Foundation. The scriptures College and School the Ministry, as well as the Scholarship Foundation. He sit on the boards of One Church-One Addict and also Gospel Today, the nation’s leading gospel publication. Bishop Morton leads the transforming a Generation ministry and is the pastor of higher St. Stephen MBC in new Orleans, Louisiana. That has appeared on BET, WordNet, and also other tv shows. He has appeared on BET, indigenous Network, and CBN’s The 700 Club and also Praise The Lord, amongst other shows. The ministry purchase an military Naval base in 1997 and renamed it, St.Stephen City, giving affordable housing for over 75 families.

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Bishop Paul S. Morton Songs

Morton released the solitary “Let the Rain” in 2003, and then “I’m still Standing” in 2006, adhering to the Hurricane Katrina disaster and also after surviving a cancer fight. Five albums through the higher St. Stephen fixed Choir and also two recordings with the full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship massive Choir are amongst his various other musical achievements. He was additionally a component of the all-star recording of “Something inside So Powerful,” a tribute to Rosa Parks, which was a fight song.