Mireddys Gonzalez is a famous American personality. Mireddys Gonzalez came right into the spotlight after her marital relationship with the famous rapper, daddy Yankee. Also, Mireddys is likewise the CEO and manager of the record agency EI Cartel Records.

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Table of Biography

Early Life

The celebrity mam was born ~ above 19th January 1977, in the joined States, and is 23 years old. Mireddys stop an American nationality and also belongs come the spain ethnicity. Similarly, her present age is forty-one years old and also her birth authorize is Capricorn. She adheres to Christianity. Mireddys clearly is a well-educated personality, however, information about where she completed she studies and also her qualifications room not known.


Caption: Mireddys Gonzalez v her dad (Source: Instagram)

Career and Professional Life

Mireddys Gonzalez has actually been functioning in the music industry. Her first profession was as a music manager. In the year 2001, she ended up being the CEO and also manager of she husband’s record agency EI Cartel Records. In fact, she and also her elder brother, Norma were his supervisors when he to be just beginning out in Puerto Rico. The siblings to be a member of a group that made that an global star. Moreover, the firm was created in the year 1997 by her husband, dad Yankee. Mireddys got the media’s many attention from she marital relationship with the famous rapper and record producer, dad Yankee.

Now talking about her husband’s career, daddy Yankee whose actual name is Ramon “Raymond” Ayala is a Puerto Rican singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and record producer as well. Dad Yankee began his career through hip-hop and also with Latin climb such as dancehall. He is among the 1st artists to phase perform worldwide in reggaeton music. Dad did part investment in the reggaeton’s world for 13 years prior to getting success. Moreover, the an initial did a recording together with DJ Playero, the which he is the gift artist in a manufacturing whose name is Player 37. It will certainly be out in the year 1992.

Daddy Yankee has also collaborated in addition to other renowned artists like Laurena Snoop Dogg, Nicky Jam, Pitbull, Mey Vidal, DJ Blass, Eric DJ, Eliel, Nas, Tony Touch, or a component of the G-Unit, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck. Among his albums, Barrio Fino is one indispensable piece of music. The 1st extract from this album is named Gasolina, King Daddy, and No me dejes solo presenting Wisin y Yandel. In addition, his song, Impacto was out on the album El Cartel: The large Boss of the year 2007. It was stood for in the San Juan Sounds radio station’s playlist of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and also Damned games.

More around her spouse’s career

In the grand Theft Auto IV video game, dad Yankee go the voice exhilaration of the mountain Juan sound station. Over there his function was as a DJ the the reggaeton radio station. The video game was the end on November 29, 2013, and also even add to Ayala songs choose “Gasolina” and also “Limbo”. In the year 2017, daddy Yankee established an amazing cooperation with Despacito in along with the singer luis Fonsi. Gift an gibbs he is additionally present in American movies and collection of commemoration Love, Glory, and Beauty. Then, ~ above April 28, 2016, dad Yankee completed the industry Leader Award at the 2016 Latin Billboard Awards.

After a vast argument v Don Omar for 10 years for the title “King that Reggaeton”, dad Yankee and also Don Omar report in early on 2016 at a press conference that they would present together on phase in a series of concerts, “The Kingdom world Tour”. In the year 2017, daddy Yankee collaborated with a Latin popular music singer Luis Fonsi, carried their single “Despacito”. It came to be the 1st Spanish-language song to peak on the number one of the Billboard warm 100 after ~ the song “Macarena” in the year 1996. The solitary was a worldwide success. Then, in the year 2017, daddy Yankee donated $ 100,000 come the Puerto Rico Food financial institution due come the damages happened by Hurricane Maria.

From October 2017 Barrio Fino and also Barrio Fino top top Directo is the 7th and also 13th best-selling Latin albums in the U.s. At the moment of the rapper’s career, sixty-three song by dad Yankees to be themselves in the warm Latin song chart, adding twenty-four in the optimal ten and also five in the first place. Therefore, dad Yankee is the nine musician with the most singles on warm Latin Songs. Daddy Yankee take away a part in the Janet Jackson video, “Made for Now” in respectable 2018. The song, Despacito has been introduced right into the Guinness people Records 2019 edition for receiving 7 milestones. In addition, daddy Yankee carried the solitary #Problema in February 2012.


Caption: Mireddys Gonzalez v her husband at an event (source: Oprah Magazine)

Awards and also Nominations

Daddy Yankee has accomplished various awards and nominations which encompass ten Guinness people Records and 7 Billboard Music Awards. In 2018, the rapper achieved an icon Award at the Latin American Music Awards. Similarly, in October 2018, he accomplished the YouTube Creators’ Trophy after ~ collecting much more than 10 million subscribers top top his YouTube channel. Similarly, in February 2019, he to be the winner of a Lo Nuestro 2019 award for his works. That was also given the symbol Award by Latin American Music Awards, the market Leader award from the Latin Billboard Awards, and also completed the Lifetime achievement Award in Lo Nuestro Awards from Balvin.

Net Worth

From the profession as the former music manager, Mireddys obviously had earned a good amount the money. Also, her other source of revenue is native her position as a CEO and manager of she husband’s document company. However, the specific details about Mireddys’s network worth and also salary are not publicly yet. Top top the other hand, her husband, daddy Yankee has actually a stunning net worth of approximately $30 million. In addition, Mireddys one make a $20 million contract deal along with Interscope records and Pepsi endorsement.

Relationship Status

Mireddys and dad Yankee were just adolescents when they first meet and likewise just 17 year old once they acquired married. Their wedding remained in 1994. Lock revealed their marital connection for the first time in an interview through Maria Celeste Arraras and also AI roll Vivo. Together the couple is blessed with 3 kids and also they room two sons who names are Jeremy and Jesaeelys and also a daughter whose surname is Yamilet. In the very same years that the couple’s marriage, their very first baby, Yamilette was likewise born. Moreover, the couple is regularly enjoying a tropic vacation and often attends part award events in addition to their kids.

As of now, the pair is together for virtually twenty-three years. Moreover, on 26th in march 2018, her husband uploaded their throwback photos showing your romantic moment on their 23rd anniversary. In the image, daddy Yankee hired a exclusive jet full of balloons and also beautiful flower arrangements because that his wife. And for the post’s caption, the wrote, “Because a Boss needs a an excellent Boss. V the blessing that God, Anniversary 23”. Mireddys additionally posted picture of her through a ostrich of flowers and thanking her husband for the anniversary surprised he ready for her. Then, she uploaded a picture collage of it s her on Instagram in the exclusive jet v balloons and flowers ~ above 22nd march 2018.

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Caption: Mireddys Gonzalez through her husband, dad Yankee (Source: Instagram)

Body Measurement and also Social Media

Being a celebrity wife, Mireddys Gonzalez is active on every social media platform. Top top Instagram, Mireddys has one million followers and also on Twitter, she has roughly one thousands followers. Similarly, she has a facebook account with a few numbers that friends. She frequently uploads her photos with her husband and her friends. Also, she never forgets come wish her friends on their birthday. We deserve to see the couple’s love from their social media short articles as well.