The birth come a year and a fifty percent after Fabolous supposedly struck a plea transaction after allegedly punching Emily Bustamante in the confront seven times



The 42-year-old rapper and his girlfriend, Love & i know good Hop: brand-new York alum Emily Bustamante, invited their third child with each other and very first daughter ~ above Saturday, Oct. 10, Bustamante shared Sunday on she Instagram Story.

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First posting a video of she hospital bracelet alongside the day "10/10," the new mother of four then went on to share clip of her 22-year-old daughter Taina tending to her brand-new baby sister.

"She's nice and also warm in here, too, she's about to it is in so mad! however it has to acquire done," Taina says, presumably together she's obtaining ready to change the newborn's diaper.

The new parents — who additionally share boy Jonas, 5, and Johan, 12 — have actually not released any kind of other bear details, including their new addition's name.

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Fabolous to be at the facility of controversy in march 2018, when he to be charged with aggravated assault and terroristic risks after accused punching Bustamante, 39, seven times in the confront "causing severe damage to her two front teeth" and also threatening she father and also brother throughout a "domestic dispute" in Englewood, brand-new Jersey.

The "Make Me Better" rapper, born man Jackson, and Bustamante allegedly got into an dispute over text post after he "became enraged" once he uncovered out via Instagram she was also in Los Angeles, follow to one affidavit the probable cause.

Bustamante called authorities that Fabolous created that he wanted to "hit she in the head v a baseball bat" and also that he would certainly "kill her" but he "did not desire to walk out choose that," as reported by

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According come TMZ, Fabolous to win a plea transaction in march 2019 and avoided prison time. The outlet reports the the rapper was not compelled to take part in anger-management courses or therapy, yet did have to take component in a "pretrial treatment program" because that a year and check in with the court monthly.