John P. Kee Biography

John P. Kee is an American gospel singer and also pastor that was born ~ above June 4, 1962, in Durham, phibìc Carolina, the United states as john Prince Kee. At very early age, P. Kee began arising his music talent both instrumentally and vocally. He attended the north Carolina institution of the arts in Winston-Salem and at 14 years, P. Kee and also his brothers, Wayne and also Al, relocated to California, wherein he began attending the Yuba college Conservatory college of Music in Marysville, California.

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During this time, P. Kee began playing with various teams such as Cameo and Donald Byrd, and also the Blackbyrds. After having a hard time adjusting to California, P. Kee left and also moved to Charlotte, north Carolina just to discover himself life in a part of the city known for its violence and also drug activities.

After watching one of his friends gift murdered in a drug transaction gone bad, P. Kee rededicated his life ago to God during a visitation come a resurgence meeting.

John P. Kee Age

P. Kee is 58 year old as of 2020, he was born top top June 4, 1962, in Durham, phibìc Carolina, the United says as john Prince Kee. He celebrates his birthday on June 4, every year.

John P. Kee Height

P. Kee stands at a elevation of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m) tall.

John P. Kee Weight

P. Kee has a load of 80 kgs (176 lbs).

John P. Kee Family

After doing ours research, details about John P. Kee’s parents room not recognized to the public, however, he has several siblings Jennette Kee (Sister), Wayne Kee (Brother), James Arthur Kee Sr. (Brother), Al Kee (Brother), and also Preston Kee Sr. (Brother).

John P. Kee Wife

P. Kee is a married guy to his beloved mam Felice Sampson in December 1995, and also they space the parental of nine children. P. Kee’s son, Christopher Kee, was recently selected to sign up with Sean P. Diddy Combs’ live band as a drummer because that his upcoming tourism for the “Last Train come Paris”.

John P. Kee net Worth

P. Kee has actually an approximated net precious of $15 million together of 2021. This consists of his assets, money, and income. His primary source of earnings is his career as a gospel singer and also pastor. Through his various sources that income, P. Kee has been able come accumulate an excellent fortune yet prefers to lead a usually lifestyle.

John P. Kee Salary

After doing our research, details about John P. Kee’s salary space not well-known to the public however stays ready for updates soon.

John P. Kee Measurements and also Facts

Here room some exciting facts and body dimensions you must know about John P. Kee.

John P. Kee Wiki

Full Names: John Prince Kee.Popular As: gospel singer and also pastorGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: gospel singer and also pastorNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: To be updatedReligion: To be updatedSexual Orientation: Straight

John P. Kee Birthday

Age / how Old?: 58 year old as of 2020.Zodiac Sign: CancerDate the Birth: June 4, 1962Place of Birth: Durham, phibìc Carolina, the united StatesBirthday: June 4, every year
John P. Kee Photo

John P. Kee human body Measurements

Height / just how Tall?: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m) tallWeight: 80 kgs (176 lbs).Eye Color: To be updatedHair Color: To it is in updatedShoe Size: To be updated

John P. Kee Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): To it is in updatedMother: To it is in updatedSiblings (Brothers and Sisters): To be updatedMarital Status: MarriedHusband/Spouse: Married to Felice SampsonDating / Girlfriend: not ApplicableChildren: kris Kee, and Shannon Kee

John P. Kee Networth and Salary

Net Worth: $15 million as of 2020.Salary: Under ReviewSource that Income: gospel singer and also pastor

John P. Kee weight Loss

Pastor P. Kee is ~ above a weight loss journey, he posted his progression on Instagram. ~ doing our research, details about his load loss are not recognized to the public. However, this details will it is in updated as shortly as the is available.

Songs man P. Kee

New Life The crucial John P. Kee · 2007Life & favor (You Don’t recognize My Story) Life and also Favor · 2012I Made the Out ns Made It the end · 2019Music The shade of Music · 2004I do Worship stamin · 2004

Show Up display Up! · 1995Standing In The require Wash Me · 1994Level next Level following · 2015He’ll Welcome Me display Up! · 1995

Harvest The shade of Music · 2004Jesus Is real Wash Me · 1994Oh just how Wondrous Blessed by association · 2002

Made To worship Life and also Favor · 2012Mighty GodThey that Wait Love Unstoppable · 2009I think Not Guilty · 2000

Wait On that Wait On the · 1994Lord assist Me To organize Out toughness · 2004

Clap your HandsIt will Be Alright Wait On him · 1994In your Name The shade of Music · 2004

ReleaseStrengthTell that on the hill A special Christmas Gift · 1996Celebrate A unique Christmas Gift · 1996

My worship Life and Favor · 2012Alright Colorblind · 1994I Can’t Live without You The color of Music · 2004

Release If God it is in For united state · 2016Right now Praise Nothing but Worship · 2007Yes us Can

Saved Lily In The valley · 1993Never The shade of Music · 2004Encouraged The color of Music · 2004Rain On united state Not Guilty · 2000

I desire to Love you Colorblind · 1994He’s may be The important John P. Kee · 2007I worship Thee there Is expect · 1994Never chandelier Forget Nothing but The Hits: new Life ar Choir Feat. John P. Kee · 2003

Right there The color of Music · 2004Christmas Is Jesus Christ A one-of-a-kind Christmas Gift · 1996Amazing Life and also Favor · 2012

Tell Me a Story A unique Christmas Gift · 1996Norma Jean Level next · 2015Sakiya’s track The color of Music · 2004

StandWash Me to wash Me · 1994He’s the biggest Blessed by association · 2002You Blessed Me not Guilty · 2000

Simple tune Not Guilty · 2000Greater no Guilty · 2000

John P. Kee brand-new Life and also Church

John P. Kee officially established the new Life Fellowship facility where he became and remains the an elderly pastor. The church is located in the exact same area whereby P. Kee had actually once led a life the crime and drugs. P. Kee says that it was during a pilgrimage to Michigan v his choir the Kee received a calling indigenous God to be a preacher.

He was in his mid-twenties as soon as P. Kee ended up being an ordained minister. In 1995, when ministering in Ohio, P. Kee received a prophetic vision and went forward with the structure of a Fellowship center in Charlotte which can minister to the human being in the community.

John P. Kee Albums

We to walk By faith 1992Not Guilty 2000Colorblind 1994

Blessed by association 2002Just Me This Time 1994The shade of Music 2004

The legacy Project 2011I made It the end 2019The Reunion 2005Level next 2015

Live in ~ The Fellowship 2001A distinct Christmas Gift 1996Yes mr 1994

Nothing however The Hits: brand-new Life ar Choir Feat. Man P. Kee 2003There Is hope 1994The power Of prayer 2003Nothing but The hits 2004

Surrender 1994Duets 2014Any given Sunday (Live) 2015

The important Hezekiah walker 2007Heaven 2005Heartsongs 1991Columbia initial Masters 1991

Nothing but The Hits: Hezekiah walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir 2003John P. Kee Presents: The brand-new Artist Showcase 2001Verity: The an initial Decade Vol. 2 2004

And There was Christmas! 2008Gotta have actually Gospel! 7 2009Folk, Gospel & Blues: will certainly the Circle be Unbroken 1999Pure… Gospel 2012

Gotta have actually Gospel! Christmas O holy Night 2014Divine Voices: Pastors of prayer 2015Verity: The an initial Decade, Vol. 1 2004Gospel Choirs peak 20 songs of the Century 2007

Frequently request Questions around John P. Kee

Who is john P. Kee?

P. Kee is one American gospel singer and pastor who was born on June 4, 1962, in Durham, phibìc Carolina, the United states as john Prince Kee.

How old is john P. Kee?

P. Kee is 58 year old as of 2020, he to be born top top June 4, 1962, in Durham, north Carolina, the United says as john Prince Kee.

How high is man P. Kee?

P. Kee stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet 8 inch (1.73 m) tall.

Is man P. Kee married?

P. Kee is a married guy to his beloved mam Felice Sampson in December 1995, and they room the parents of ripe children.

How much is man P. Kee’s worth?

P. Kee has actually an estimated net worth of $15 million together of 2021.

How much does man P. Kee make?

P. Kee has actually not however revealed exactly how much the makes. Us will update this section once we get and verify information about the wealth and properties under his name.

Where does man P. Kee live?

P. Kee has actually earned accolades as a top-ranked gospel performer and pastor that the new Life Fellowship Church in Charlotte, north Carolina.

Is john P. Kee dead or alive?

P. Kee is alive and in great health. There have been no reports that him being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is man P. Kee Now?

P. Kee is one American gospel singer and pastor who was born top top June 4, 1962, in Durham, north Carolina, the United says as man Prince Kee.

P. Kee society Media Contacts

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