As a Robertson household friend and also employee in ~ Duck Commander, Justin boy name – the males just call him through his last name – has tendency to get captured up in the useful jokes and also pranks that room seen ~ above Duck dynasty (and a lot that aren"t). But really, that is Justin Martin? below he offers us an inside look into his life, consisting of his "man bib," just how he met the Robertsons, and also the things that would surprise fans of the present to know about him.

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When and also how did you accomplish the Robertsons?The first time ns met Phil and Kay to be at home church over 10 year ago. The an initial time ns met Willie, Jase, Si, and also Jep was around 10 years earlier at a poker game. Both meetings were surreal together I grew up city hall these males duck hunt for a living. I really looked up to them for their hunting skills and your faith.

What was your an initial impression the them? What carry out you think of them now?My an initial impression was the they are some of the nicest civilization I"ve ever before met. They invite me right into their home and also treated me favor they had known me because that years. I was so impression I chose that is the way I always want come treat others. They are still the precise same means today.

Did you have actually a beard as soon as you met them, or walk you thrive it the end afterwards?When ns met them I had actually no beard because at our high college you might not have actually one if you to be on the soccer team. My favorite time that year to be Christmas rest so I can grow a mustache for two weeks. As soon as that was over ns would save a beard most of the year and also come September ns wouldn"t reduced it until after duck season. Oh, exactly how things change!

Do you have actually an attachment to her beard the means the Robertson guys do?I perform now, because that sure. It"s good camo during duck season and it keeps your face warm and also wind proof. It it s okay a tiny annoying when our Louisiana summers kick right into high gear. That thing gets hot and smelly.

What"s the strangest point you"ve found in your beard?Nothing too strange – simply the expected. A moustache is a get an impressive man"s bib. The keeps cheese dip, ice cream, spaghetti, and also so ~ above from obtaining on her shirt, therefore that"s handy. I"ve uncovered a mite or 2 in over there and, of course, those pesky duck lice.

Which Robertson space you closestly to? Why?I would definitely say Willie. Us were very great friends before I began working . We act an extremely much the very same way. We like playing pranks on people and also never acquisition life too seriously. I invested so much time in ~ his home that Bella and also I came to be best friends. We constantly cook, beat golf, and play poker together.

How"s Willie together a boss? execute you discover it tough to work-related with all of your friends?He"s a great boss. His transaction is as lengthy as girlfriend have every one of your job-related done then ns don"t care what friend do. He basically said get the phone call built and also you deserve to hunt as much as friend want. Plus you know his door is constantly open if you ever need anything. Working v friends is awesome. I love having actually the constant Christian influence. We no only work together, we also golf, fish, eat, and also hang out together.

Tell us around the Master"s level you space pursing. What perform you hope to execute with the eventually?I studied lumber duck nesting here in Louisiana. It just kind of fell in mine lap. Ns took the GRE two days prior to grad institution started. Hopefully I can continue building duck calls and also hunting because that a living. That takes a smart man to figure out how to gain paid to perform what girlfriend love because that a living.

What do you prefer to perform in her spare time?I invest a most time fishing and also playing golf.

What"s her favorite dish from miss Kay?Her Swiss steak without a doubt. It"s constantly my date of birth meal together with a cacao pie. I"m hungry now.

What provides you laugh?I choose laughing at daily situations. I don"t prefer taking things an extremely seriously. Si"s stories are always great for a laugh too. Ns love valuable jokes.

If there was a Duck empire movie made about Duck Commander, that would you desire to beat you?Myself duh! however if no me, will certainly Ferrell. I discover him hilarious.

What"s been your favorite episode of the show so far?I think as soon as Si handcuffed himself to Willie takes the cake. I couldn"t prevent laughing the entirety time.

How has your life readjusted since being on the show?Everywhere i go, civilization know my name. It"s kind of strange when people you"ve never met speak to you by name.

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What is something around you that would certainly surprise fans of the display to know?My an initial name is Justin. I"m just 27 years old. And also I to be in truth in a connection with a good woman called Brittany.