This week the Growth and Natural sources committee will continue to consider proposed changes to height standards for brand-new development in blended use districts. Below are the current standards. Under the UDO each blended use home is assigned a height. Because that example, CX-3 is a commercial blended use district limited to 3 stories.

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However, the existing standard is an ext nuanced. Under the current standard a 3 story structure deserve to be approximately 50 feet tall. A four story structure can be as much as 62 feet tall. And a five story structure deserve to be approximately 75 feet tall. Right here is the full list the heights under the present standard:

3 stories, 50 feet4 stories, 62 feet5 stories, 75 feet7 stories, 90 feet12 stories, 150 feet20 stories, 250 feet40 stories, 500 feet

If your property is zoned because that 7 stories, you can develop as plenty of as 7 stories approximately a elevation of 90 feet. If your residential or commercial property is zoned because that 12 stories, friend can develop as numerous as 12 stories up to a elevation of 150 feet. And also so on.

The present standard additionally has a provision if the combined use property is surrounding to a residential home by offering for a height transition. Under this provision no building can be within 50 feet that the residential property line. Then, beginning at 50 feet indigenous the residential property line, the building can only be 40 feet tall. For every foot additional away indigenous the residential or commercial property line, the structure can be another foot taller.

For example, consider CX-3 again. At 50 feet native the residential or commercial property line the structure can be 40 feet tall. Or, in ~ 55 feet indigenous the building line the structure can be 45 feet tall. At 60 feet from the residential or commercial property line the building can be the max the 50 feet tall.

Within the 50 foot transition area particular structures such together parking lots can be built. So, just since there is a 50 shift area, don’t suppose that it will all be nicely landscaped and filled v trees.

The suggest Changes

The Growth and also Natural resources committee will consider the adhering to changes:

Increase the 4 story height maximum native 62 feet come 68 feetIncrease the 5 story height maximum indigenous 75 feet come 80 feetFor 7 stories and also taller, remove the height maximum altogether and permit the price of construction and also the market recognize the height in feet. The reasoning is the a developer will not build higher than is cost effective or that the industry will bear. Thus, we space unlikely to see a 7 story building 300 feet tall, etc.

I usually agree with the thinking for 7 stories and also taller. These structures will generally be located in expansion centers such together downtown far from residential. However, i am still considering if removing the maximum height requirement altogether is really a an excellent idea.

However, ns don’t agree v the proposal for 4 and also 5 stories. Three, four, and also five stories are more likely come be built next come residential and potentially beside your house. Going taller does not match my approach or what I think are the values of many in Raleigh. Structures adjacent to residential need to be more in range with residential fairly than the other way around.

Examining the current standard more we have the right to see the following. Under the existing standard a 5 story building can it is in at many 75 feet tall. That is an mean of 15 feet every story. Also under the current standard, a 4 story building can it is in at many 62 feet or an typical of 15.5 feet every story. And, under the current standard, a 3 story structure can it is in at many 50 feet or an median 16.67 feet every story.

That is rather a sport in the average height per story of almost 2 feet. My proposal is because that 3, 4, and 5 story structures to standardize on and also average of 15 feet per story nearby to residential – the existing standard because that 5 stories. Utilizing this standard, a 3 story building nearby to residential will be at most 45 feet and also a 4 story structure will be at most 60 feet. A 5 story building will stay at most 75 feet.

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After all, if an mean of 15 feet per story is fine because that a 5 story building, then the standard must be fine and should apply to 3 and also 4 story buildings. The result will it is in 3 and also 4 story building that space a few feet much shorter than under the present standard but much more consistent v the adjacent residential properties.