David Boreanaz is one American actor, tv producer, and also director ideal known for his roles as Angel and also Seeley Booth in the television collection Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also Bones, respectively.


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David Boreanaz's biography

The American actor to be born in 1969 in Buffalo, brand-new York, USA. He was born to Dave Roberts (also known as David cutting board Boreanaz or Dave Thomas) and also Patti Boreanaz.

His dad is that Italian descent; that is a retired American tv host and weather forecaster, if his mom is a retired take trip agent.

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David was elevated with his two siblings, Bo and Beth Boreanaz. Bo is a wardrobe stylist functioning on the collection of the ally McBeal show, while Beth functions as a middle School history and Maths teacher.

How old is David Boreanaz?

David attends the LA Premiere of Cirque Du Soleil"s Volta at Dodger stadium in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Rodin EckenrothSource: Instagram

The talented gibbs is 52 years old together of 2021, and also he celebrate his birthday yearly on 16th May.


David Boreanaz indigenous Seal Team checked out Rosemont school of the divine Child, and Malvern Preparatory School. After ~ that, he joined Ithaca College, wherein he i graduated in 1991 v a bachelors level in cinema and photography.


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Acting career

After struggling to obtain his acting career started, as countless young gibbs in Hollywood do, Boreanaz at some point got his foot in the door. Together a lift extra in the 1993 film Aspen Extreme, he play the role of a pan waving at skiers. He additionally prepared props for best of the ideal II, i beg your pardon was also released in 1993.

The exact same year that starred in a single episode ~ above the American struggle sitcom, Married... Through Children. He play Kelly Bundy's boyfriend. He has since showed up in numerous films and TV series. Many fans recognise him as Angel indigenous Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the later on spin-off present Angel.

David Boreanaz's movies and TV shows

Below is the list of his acting credits.

Films1993: Aspen extreme as Spectator1993: ideal of the best II as Parking Valet1996: The Macabre Pair that Shorts together Dinner2001: Valentine together Adam Carr2002: I'm with Lucy together Luke2005: The Crow: angry Prayer as Satan, Luc Crash, Death2006: this Girls as Keith Clark2006: Mr. Fix It together Lance Valenteen2006: The hard Easy as roger Hargitay2007: enduring Man's Charity as Sebastian St. Germain 2008: justice League: The new Frontier as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern2009: The Mighty Macs as Ed Rush2013: Officer down as Det. Les Scanlon

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David Boreanaz's shows 1993: Married... With children as Frank1997–2003: Buffy the Vampire Slayer together Angel1999–2004: Angel as Angel2002: baby Blues together Johnny2005–2017: Bones together Seeley Booth2010: family Guy together himself (Aurora Boreanaz)2012: American Dad! together himself2013: full Circle as Jace Cooper2015: Sleepy Hollow as Seeley Booth2017–2021: Seal Team together Jason Hayes

Is David Boreanaz leaving Seal Team?

There has been no official announcement surrounding Boreanaz's exit from the show. However, the is his co-star Jessica Paré who announced that she was leaving the show.

Who is David Boreanaz married come now?

David and Jaime Bergman to visit the 2019 Vanity same Oscar Party organized by Radhika Jones in ~ Wallis Annenberg center for the Performing arts in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Jon KopaloffSource: Getty Images

David Boreanaz indigenous Buffy the Vampire Slayer is married to actress and model Jaime Bergman. The couple has two children: Jaden Rayne, born on 1st 2002, and a girl called Bella Vita Bardot, born top top 31st 2009.


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In January 1999, David Boreanaz's wife was named Playmate that the Month by Playboy magazine. Beverly Hills, 90210, and Bones are simply a few of the shows in i m sorry she has appeared.

Previously, David was married come Ingrid Quinn, a social worker.

How tall is David Boreanaz?

David Boreanaz's height is 6 feet 1 customs (185 cm), and also he weighs 176 lbs (80 kg). Gibbs David Boreanaz has brown hair and brown eyes.

How plenty of tattoos go the gibbs have?

Unlike his character Angel, who has a big Lion the Saint note tattoo under his appropriate shoulder blade, the gibbs only has actually two little markings. David Boreanaz's tattoos room two Kanji symbols on his wrists that typical Destiny and also Soul. His wife has a equivalent set.

What is the network worth that David Boreanaz?

According to Celebrity net Worth, David Boreanaz's net worth is $30 million. His riches is a an outcome of his effective acting career end the years.


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Where go David Boreanaz live?

David Boreanaz's family currently lives in a single-story house in hidden Hills, California.

What happened to David Boreanaz?

In 2011, actress Kristina Hagan filed a lawsuit versus David, alleging sexual harassment. She accused the of hitting her while functioning on the display (Bones) together an extra, sending out her unsolicited photos and forcing self on her.

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When the actor to be questioned around the incident, he asserted that the whole thing to be absurd. ~ that, however, the problem was resolved.

David Boreanaz is a gifted and creative actor. In spite of the difficulties he go through, he has made a surname for himself in the film industry. Number of of his personalities have cemented their places in the general public conscience.

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