We’re proud to announce the “Add equipment to Game” feature–all users have the right to now allow particular gear items native the yellowcomic.com catalog in their game and market those equipment items directly on their game page. If users select to buy things from your video game page, you’ll earn you yourself a 10% commission. It’s like Amazon’s “Associates” Program, and it’s support beneficial. It will aid us increase the reach and also scope of ours Catalog, and also we’ll let friend keep few of the sales.

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Adding equipment to your place might actually lead to turning quite a profit, if simultaneously presenting users to gear they may have overlooked previously or never ever seen. Also if your ar is collection to “No equipment Allowed,” you can still allow specific items in that specific game. The benefit of this feature is twofold: you make money, and also gain much more granular regulate over your game.

There is a single rule, however. You can’t include an item the nobody could buy, favor a limited item–any items you put on your game’s page needs to be easily accessible for sale in the Catalog.

To examine out this brand-new feature, log right into your yellowcomic.com account, go to the Catalog and also browse by “Gear“. You’ll find a new blue switch that states “Add to Game” listed below each standard item’s pricing information. Click it and a new pop-up screen will appear, whereby you can select the video game to which you’d choose to add the item.

Please keep in mind that including gear come your game doesn’t average players will spawn with it; they should purchase the gear to use it in-game.

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We’ve likewise included a new filter on the Money page, i beg your pardon you have the right to see if girlfriend click the “My Transactions” tab. The new filter is aptly titled “Commissions,” and it will show the variety of sales did you do it made, and how much money you’ve received for every item. This should help you keep track of her commission sales and also manage your money better. This should additionally be valuable in deciding which of her items you want to encourage (i.e., you can replace your lowest performing item v something else). Are afraid not, this page can only it is in accessed through you, so your finances will certainly not it is in made public.