Here are some basics ~ above what you can expect once wearing aSCRAMContinuous Alcohol security bracelet.

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How the SCRAM camer Bracelet Works

The SCRAM video camer bracelet tests automatically, every 30 minutes, about the clock. You will certainly feel a slim vibration at any time the bracelet is acquisition a reading. Most users report the they obtain used come the vibrations in ~ the an initial day.

SCRAM video camer is various than breath, blood, or pee testing because it’s in reality sampling your perspiration, automatically, to measure up for alcohol consumption. It steps what is well-known as insensible perspiration, i m sorry is on our skin at every times. The anklet steps the alcohol the comes with the skin in the area roughly your ankle. It’s totally non-invasive and unobtrusive throughout your daily tasks or while friend sleep.

Whenever the bracelet take away a reading, that is trial and error several points at the exact same time to ensure there have actually been no attempts to tamper v the bracelet, obstruct testing, or eliminate the bracelet. In addition, you will certainly be request to authorize an covenant at the time of installation that prohibits girlfriend from using commodities containing alcohol on or approximately the bracelet.

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The SCRAM video camer Wireless base Station

The SCRAM camer Wireless Base station plays an essential part in your monitoring. The bracelet stores all test outcomes until the data downloads to your base station, i beg your pardon will automatically transmit the data to your assigned agent. Downloads take place on a predetermined schedule, and also you must be within 30 feet the the basic station during this time in order because that the data transmission to take place. Your base station can connect over a phone call line, cellular, or with your home internet using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 

If her agent has allowed you to affix your base terminal Wi-Fi,review the accuse provided, and click the switch below.

Wireless Base terminal Setup instructions English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Program Basics

Be within 30 feet the the base terminal at the scheduled time to download her test data.Consume no alcohol—NONE.Do not tamper with, obstruct, or damages the SCRAM equipment.

Banned Products

Do not disclose the area about the bracelet come personal, household, or industrial products that contain alcohol.Do not usage anything various other than alcohol-free soap and water on her skin approximately the bracelet.

Swimming and also Bathing

Showers are the just permitted bathing method.Do not submerge the SCRAM cam Bracelet in water.If you do submerge the SCRAM electronic came Bracelet in water, it will certainly be flagged as an effort to loss the an equipment and will certainly be handled in the same manner together a tamper or obstruction. Friend will also be financially liable for any damages led to by submerging or damaging the SCRAM cam Bracelet.

Personal Hygiene

When showering, completely clean the area around the bracelet through mild soap and water.Thoroughly rinse through clean water and dry underneath the bracelet.Lack of personal hygiene approximately the bracelet may an outcome in a soft skin rash.

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Pre-Existing clinical Conditions

Be sure to notify your agent of any type of pre-existing medical problems such together pregnancy, diabetes, or any kind of skin allergy or condition.