Cricket call Defense* provides you more information and also control over your mobile phone call experience. Cricket’s network identifies and warns friend of potential spam callers. It also automatically block callers most likely to it is in fraudulent. It checks the source of phone call so the you know whether incoming call that space not in your contact list space not coming from fake, or spoofed, numbers. This experience conserves you time and effort trying to decide whether to answer calls on your phone. The right details is at your fingertips v this cost-free feature had with all rate plans on default devices!

Cricket contact Defense features

automatically fraudulent call blocking Nuisance call warnings (spam, telemarketer, political, surveys, etc.) call authentication making use of the STIR/SHAKEN industry standard

Phones with Cricket speak to Defense

Phones v HD Voice capabilities (called VoLTE, or Voice end LTE) are set up to get the essential information from our network. Any type of line connected with a VoLTE machine is eligible because that Cricket’s call Defense service. You can inspect out machine support for much more information around your phone.

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For many customers, Cricket will rotate on Cricket contact Defense for you once you activate service. It"s free, and customers have actually the option to turn it turn off at any time in my Account or with the myCricket app.
To rotate Cricket speak to Defense top top or turn off in mine Account online, log in in, pick Account settings in the optimal right. Scroll down to phone Numbers and click the Manage contact Defense attach to the best of her line. Then switch the toggle on or Off depending upon your preference.
To turn Cricket speak to Defense top top or turn off in the myCricket app, log in in, climate tap the gear icon in the height right edge to see Account Settings. If you have an account through multiple lines, pick a line. Under Line settings & stream More, tap speak to Defense. Then switch the toggle top top or Off depending on your preference.

when I turn Cricket call Defense off or on, is it instant or is over there a lag time?

The choice change will certainly take impact in close to real time.

perform I require a compatible device for Cricket speak to Defense?

Cricket speak to Defense functions on wireless gadgets that have actually HD Voice capability, or otherwise recognized as VoLTE capabilities. Older devices that carry out not attach to the 4G LTE network space not eligible, and devices from various other carriers may have minimal Call Defense capabilities. You can check out HD Voice-Capable Phones to see if your device is compatible.

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In order to receive speak to warnings, you should be in one HD Voice coverage area and have Cricket contact Defense turn on. To inspect whether Cricket speak to Defense is on, visit mine Account online or the myCricket app.