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I has actually a 2000 ZX3. Is there anyway come bypass the chip recognition an equipment (ignition) without having actually to go ago to the dealer?:bang:

Well if it"s a pole you have the right to put a non-PATS key in the ignition and also turn it to on and also push begin the vehicle (ie gain it rolling and also pop the clutch). Might be kinda inconvenient to perform every day despite :lol:
When I an initial started reading the point on this forum I assumed that many of the human being here room a bunch the douche rockets yet I learned that many of the civilization here have actually a details sense of humor that most human being don"t get. Some may come off as huge turds but they can ago it up with first hand experience and also when they to speak "don"t perform it" I simply learned to listen and also trust those who have actually the knowledge.
im not sure if the emphasis is the same yet the Contours have a PATS antenna ring approximately the ignition cylinder. If the emphasis is the same, then you could remove the ring and place it with a spare PATS key up under the dash someone. Climate you just need a basic key thats no programmed to have the ability to start the car, or you might do a push switch start instead.

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