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Joey Slye making the many recent effort at a fair capture kick in an NFL video game — as necessary enough, this was in London, Oct. 13, 2019. Photo: john Walton/PA photos via Getty images
Madden NFL 22 is launching through a lot of of brand-new features, including brand-new layers come the Franchise mode that should deepen an endure hardcore fans have actually felt was neglected. But it will certainly not, for the 30th continually year, encompass the fair catch kick. Curses! Drat!

“I to be hoping for the question,” claimed gameplay producer Clint Oldenburg, who has involved expect it from me every year. “No, it’s not going to it is in in <Madden NFL> 22, however I do ask every year, and I say this: ‘The fair record kick is precious at the very least one Metacritic point.’ I’ll store trying because that you.”

The fair record kick is a quirk the the NFL’s rulebook, a vestige of the game’s origins in rugby, and a come-look-at-this minute whenever it’s attempted. Basically, a team that areas a punting with a fair catch — calling off the defense in exchange for not proceeding the ball once it’s caught — deserve to then attempt a complimentary kick, because that a score, from the spot, additionally without impede or any kind of defense rushing the play.

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It has been attempted only nine time in the past 40 years (although twice in 2013, and also most freshly in 2019). It’s been also longer because the critical attempt to be successful. In 1976, ray Wersching made a 45-yarder come send the san Diego Chargers right into the locker room top the Buffalo receipt 27-10. I was right 3 years old. Oldenburg wouldn’t be born for one more seven years.

Here’s a look in ~ a fair record kick test in the NFL playoffs, on brand-new Year’s day 1989, v John Madden self on the call. It’s among my favorite pro football highlights, also though san Francisco’s Mike Cofer came nowhere close come making the kick. Madden is giddy v excitement when he realizes the conditions are ripe because that an attempt.

“I always wanted to usage it, yet I never got the opportunity!” claims Madden, that coached the Oakland Raiders from 1969 to 1978. The Minnesota Vikings seem never ever to have actually heard that the play when officials tell castle to ago up 10 yards indigenous the ball. Joey Browner, incidentally among the greatest players in Tecmo super Bowl, responds through an up-yours fist however still provides space. It’s really anticlimactic, because Cofer shanks it and also the sphere lands around 20 yards quick of the goal.

A near analog the the fair record kick is Australian rules football’s electrifying after-the-siren goal. Here’s a compilation some of their ideal ones, and also the crowd constantly goes bananas from the moment the player takes the note — recording the ball, ~ above the fly, native a absent traveling much more than 15 meters.

Long-distance kicks in Madden NFL, an especially at lower challenge levels, are easier than in genuine life, i beg your pardon is probably an additional reason why the fair catch kick no in the game. The could likewise be supplied to grief or disrupt a ranked game, and also there are already enough ways to execute that (such as always going for it on 4th down, or attempting an onside kick when the instance does not call for it).

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But hey, one day, mine kick will come! and also it’ll be fun to goof approximately with it a pair of times and never effort again. Yeah, wait a minute. Maybe, favor John Madden, I simply want the possibility that this play, and the funny of discussing it and also teasing Oldenburg around it. And that goes away if he ever does placed it in the game.