Replacing the oil pump on a Ford F-150 is an advanced level fix that needs draining the currently oil, pulling the oil pan and also removing the oil filter from the engine.

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Pump instead of is one extensive procedure and incorrectly installing that will an outcome in premature birth pump failure.

The oil pump"s proper duty is to store the oil flowing throughout an engine. Once the oil keeps its suitable flow, the pressure in the block remains consistent. This allows for the ideal level the lubrication to defend the engine"s interior components.

Oil pump replacement

Raise the front end

Safely raise and support the front end of the vehicle.

Drain oil

Drain the oil from within the engine block. The oil will drain quicker once the cap is unscrewed from the height of the block.

Remove the oil pump

Loosen the 6 oil pump bolts, and then proceed to eliminate the oil pump journey gear, moved gear, o-ring and also pump assembly.

Check the pump face

The mounting place on the engine is called the pump face. If the surface ar is warped as well much, the pump will certainly not sit correctly.

Remove oil press parts

Behind the pump assembly is the oil press relief valve, valve ball and also spring. Remove and clean them.

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Install the brand-new pump

Installation is the reverse of the removal v two special conditions. Be sure to appropriately install the brand-new o-ring and also to prime the oil pump before mounting that onto the engine.

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