In tumblr, and also in a post, what is the pertinent code I require to know to change the colour of the location and certain words?

I"m very new, and also do not know the ideal terminologies. Please link to the pertinent guides and also resources.

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Just as Skizo said,

To change the colour of particular words you have the right to use

textAnd then collection the color of the course color to pink. Making use of a course is better if you want to adjust the color of multiple indigenous in different areas of your code to the exact same color.

And for background shade you deserve to use something choose this



You have the right to see those tutorials :



3.See this video

And if girlfriend need much more info, google is climate best method to find everything :)


To adjust the colour of particular words you could use :

textIf you want to readjust the elevator you can use :

To edit your blog in Tumblr you have to do :

How perform I modify my blog’s custom HTML?

Click "Settings" under the Account menu at the height of the Dashboard.Choose the blog you’d prefer to update on the ideal side that the page,then click “Edit theme” in the Website theme section.Click the modify HTML button and edit the practice HTML as preferred inthe source code editor to see the transforms reflected ~ above the pageClick “Update Preview.”When you"re finished, click the back arrow and then click "Save."

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