Tumblr allows you to customize the watch of your chosen theme extensively, including both the size and also appearance the the fonts supplied on her page. You can use the site"s “Customize” window to modify the Cascading layout Sheets that manage your page"s appearance. Alternatively, the Dashboard"s HTML view allows you regulate the illustration of individual write-ups by inserting HTML tags directly into your content.

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The HTML view is component of the write-up creation window of the Tumblr dashboard. Once selected, it screen the HTML tags that comprise blog posts and also the posts" content. The HTML watch also allows you to edit a given post"s HTML tags, enabling you to adjust the properties of a small part of her text. The HTML watch is beneficial if you only want to change the dimension of part of her blog post. For example, you could use the to do a solitary word larger.

Editing in HTML View

To access the HTML view, first click the “gear” icon on the post you wish to edit. Select “Edit” and also then click “HTML.” Tumblr supports two tags for making text larger or smaller: the tag and the tag. To do a part of your text bigger, type “” (without price quotes here and throughout) directly prior to the begin of the text and then kind “" straight after the end of the text. The “” tag functions in the very same way, but makes text smaller sized instead. Click “Save” when you have finished editing.

The Customize Page

The Customize page permits you to edit the HTML and also CSS the powers your blog itself together opposed to editing and enhancing the HTML that an individual post. Making use of the Customize page provides you a great deal of control over the methods that fonts display screen on her page, permitting you to specify a size for your text. The is finest to use the Customize home window if you desire to adjust the size of every the text on her page, together edits do on this web page usually use to your entirety blog.

Using the Customize Page

To open up the Customize page, click the “Customize” attach on the main page the the Dashboard. Next, click “Edit HTML” to access the password behind your page. Push “Ctrl-F” to lug up a discover box and search because that “font-size”. This will assist you to situate the area of code that faces fonts in her theme. Change the “font-size” variable to the size you want. Because that example, if your message was 10 points however you wanted to change that worth to 12, girlfriend would readjust the line “font-size: 10px” to “font-size: 12px”.

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