How to collection the Clock on a Pioneer auto Radio?

You have to press and hold the SOURCE, FUNCTION, or MULTI-CONTROL (depending ~ above the unit model) on the Pioneer car stereo to open up the clock setting. Readjust the hours and also minutes v the knob or directional navigating buttons. Once the forced time is set, press the source and escape buttons to return to the main screen.

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Table that ContentsHow to collection the Clock ~ above a Pioneer vehicle Radio?How to set the Clock top top a Pioneer car Stereo? For Single-DIN Pioneer car Stereo through MULTI-CONTROL Button?For Pioneer DEH-P3600, P3800, and also P3900How to set the Clock top top a Pioneer car Stereo?
Car owners rarely refer to car stereo user guides. Therefore, those manuals eventually get misplaced and also lost. However, many auto owners miss out on them when they struggle to collection the clock ~ above the stereo, particularly when they have to adjust the time as per the daylight saving schedule.

If you have actually a Pioneer stereo in her car and struggling v the same concern (or probably you must reset your unit), we’ve acquired you covered. In this brief guide, we will certainly outline how to collection the clock ~ above a Pioneer vehicle stereo. We will cover both single and double-DIN models.

How to set the Clock ~ above a Pioneer auto Stereo?

Classic single DIN Pioneer automobile stereos space pretty common in many relatively old cars. Most solitary DIN stereos don’t have actually a good menu choice and control panel contrasted with those uncovered in modern-day double-DIN head units. Therefore, setup the time on them deserve to be tricky.Since Pioneer has actually launched various solitary DIN models through varied controls, we will certainly share procedures for several of the most well-known designs and also interfaces.

For Single-DIN Pioneer vehicle Stereo v MULTI-CONTROL Button?

If you have a Pioneer vehicle stereo through a MULTI-CONTROL button, you should follow these steps to collection the clock. This switch looks choose a ring dial. It’s also present in countless newer twin and single-DIN In-Dash receivers like MVH-S300BT, MVH-S400BT, FH-S500BT, DEH-S4000BT, and DEH-S4010BT.Turn off the stereo and press and also hold the Multi-Control button for a couple of seconds. That will screen a menu with various options.Rotate the Multi-Control knob till the food selection reaches the “Clock Set”Press the knob upward and also downward to change the variety of hours and also minutes, and towards left and right come jump between hours and also minutes.Press the escape or source button to departure with the saved changesCheck the video

For Pioneer DEH-P3600, P3800, and P3900

This DEH stereo line by Pioneer is among the most renowned single-DIN stereos ~ above the block. Monitor these steps to collection the clock on these Pioneer auto stereos.Find the resource button (often abbreviated as SRC-OFF) ~ above the lower-left edge of the unit. Press and hold it till the stereo transforms off.Then, find for the role button (FUNC) at the top right edge of the unit. Press the button and also hold it till the clock appears. You need to press and also hold the SRC-OFF or AUDIO button to gain the clock in some models.Use the navigation panel (a knob with four buttons listed below the duty button) to readjust the time. Use the right and left navigating buttons to transition between hours and minutes. Meanwhile, up and also down buttons can be supplied to collection the number of hours and also minutes.After setup the clock, push the duty button to exit. In some stereos, you need to press the resource or Escape button to departure the clock setup interface.

How to collection the Clock on a Pioneer car Stereo?

Most of the old double-DIN Pioneer stereos have the very same procedure to set the clock, as disputed above. On modern touchscreen dual DIN Pioneer stereos (like AVH touchscreen series), it is reasonably simple to execute it.Locate the clock top top the screen and tap ~ above it. That will open the clock settings.Adjust the time and date through the layout you desire (12-hour or 24 hours, d/mm/y or m/d/y)Once done setting the clock, near the window by tapping the release button.For visual aid see this video clip from Pioneer.

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