When friend lift up the engine hood on her car, you could be in for a surprise. Today’s automobile batteries are normally identical; a black housing with top write-ups for power relationships are commonplace. However, you might encounter a side-post battery in your car. Check out the measures in converting a side-post battery into a top-post design. Your auto battery maintenance will be simpler as a an outcome of her efforts.

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1. Discover a for sure Location

It’s not important to remove the battery native the car, yet accessing these species of terminals deserve to be complicated otherwise. Consider battery removal as your very first step.

The battery have to be located in a well-ventilated area without any nearby sparks, such together from a cigarette. You’ll be dealing with both the confident and negative terminal ends, i m sorry can create sparks. Your working area have to be free from hazardous materials.

2. Gather your Tools

If you’ve replaced other species of battery products in the past, friend probably have some that the important tools for these auto battery terminal types.

Collect these tools together, including:

GlovesSafety glassesPliersWrenches

Also look at for short article converters that will make the conversion simple task. Clamp-on ends for the optimistic and an adverse wires are additionally helpful. Their installation will streamline the process.

3. Begin With Cable Removal

Locate the black color or an unfavorable F1 terminal. Carefully remove that from the battery. Lay the wire away indigenous the confident side of the battery. The optimistic side is virtually always indicated by a red color, reports the Auto parts Warehouse.

If any type of metal connections between the confident and an unfavorable sides touch, a spark or shock could occur. Be responsibility of the loosened wires at every times.

4. Change the Cable Ends

Remove the red or hopeful cable. Each battery terminal is currently disconnected.

Look in ~ the loose cable ends. Cut off each end of the cable. Piece away a half-inch the insulation native the cables to disclose the wires within.

Attach the clamp-on end to every cable. These ends are straightforward to install and fit onto nearly any of today’s automobile battery terminal types.

5. Replace the Battery’s Terminals

Remove the side-post terminals. Change each battery terminal through a write-up converter.

These parts give you a safe and effective way to transform a side design to a top-post configuration. The converters have to stretch in between the sides and end up along the topside the the battery. Each terminal have to be make of lead because that the finest conductivity.

6. Reattach the positive Side

Complete the project by reattaching the red or positive side cable to the article converter. This battery terminal varieties should it is in compatible v the clamp-on ends.

Be certain to check the connection before moving onto the next cable. The hopeful side need to be firmly collection onto the post with a for sure grasp. If it’s sliding a little with part finger pressure, the connection is too loose.

7. Affix the negative Side

Repeat the very same cable-connection process with the an unfavorable side. Be responsibility of the an are between your hand, the cable and also completed hopeful side. Electric arcing is feasible if this items are simply close to each other.

Maintain together much space as feasible between the confident and negative sides together you affix the cable right into place. Safety is always a peak priority.

8. Apply a Corrosion-Resistant Spra

The Auto Zone suggests that corrosion-resistant spray should be among your final steps. Use it to every battery terminal species because corrosion doesn’t discriminate among styles.

You deserve to spray that after installation the cables or before. Most world top the finalized relationships with the spray so the the terminal and also cable are cost-free from any kind of residue together a whole.

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Your counter project may require a handful of auto parts, however the an outcome will it is in a battery with enhanced maintenance possibilities. Challenge yourself with a conversion project that renders you the understand of your automobile today.