So i was watching some videos ~ above youtube and everybody to be going with the muzzle end, which ns was teach you need to only execute that v revolvers because you can't precisely get a clean rod wherein the chamber is. Is there a way to acquire the Marlin model 60 disassembled enough that you clean it v the breech?


Just use a boresnake.

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And no, you cannot disassemble one in bespeak to usage a rod-type cleaning kit from the breech without pressing a rollpin out of the receiver the holds the barrel in, which is more time and also effort invested than a model 60 is worth.

Here's the schematic

That's what i was thinking about. Figure it'd be far better to carry out that instead of damaging the crown or the rifling. Thanks.

Kinda, however not really. The housing has actually a back on it, so her rod i do not know to clean though. If you had actually a versatile rod, perhaps. It is a .22, and also a design 60. That pretty safe to assume that you will certainly not it is in achieving hyper accuracy. (but I favor the accuracy ~ above mine)

Hey person, don't issue too much about damaging the muzzle. Simply use a brass or aluminium rod, and also your steel micro-groove crown will host up just fine for decades.

Pretty lot what others space saying, bore line it. I had always learned too to no press all the crap right into the breach yet I guess this is an exception. What you can likewise do, which is what i do, is simply clean what you can really fine after friend clean the barrel.

Use a toothbrush and solvent to clean the breech breech face, scrub flour residue turn off the breech block. If necessary, operation your cleaning rod with the newspaper tube, but... For the services of all that's holey, leave the bore alone!

Modern 22 ammo is not corrosive, and the wax lubricant protects the bore from rust. The ain't broke, it's broke in.

Huh, I constantly took the gun down completely, thrust my stick down with the front of the barrel, and also when the barrel to be clean, ns cleaned the end my upper receiver and bolt.

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The .22 long Rifle rimfire cartridge (5.6×15mmR - metric designation) is a long established range of ammunition, and also in terms of units marketed is quiet by far the most usual in the world today. The cartridge is often referred to merely as .22 LR and also various rifles, pistols, revolvers, and even part smoothbore shotguns have been produced in this caliber.