You may know that guinea pigs need bathing, however did you know that guinea pigs require their ear cleaned too? prefer us, guinea pigs deserve to suffer indigenous a buildup of ear wax and dried skin. To stop discomfort or mite infection, ears have to be cleaned 2-3 time a year, depending on the needs of your tiny critters. 

If you feel intimidated, monitor these straightforward steps to assist keep their ear nice and clean.

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Why should I clean mine guinea pig’s ears?

Guinea pigs regularly have dry ears that accumulate dead skin end time. Part guinea pig breeds, such as Rex or Peruvians, are more prone come this and also will need their ears cleaned more often.

Not just are dirty ears are uncomfortable and also itchy however ear mites can develop in the area too. By on regular basis cleaning your ears, you space protecting your piggy’s from unwanted pests and, usually speaking, keeping them happy and healthy. 

How frequently should ns clean mine guinea pig’s ears?

Clean their ear a preferably of 2 come 3 times a year. You should keep an eye on your guinea pig to check out if there is a real need. Earwax will regularly look similar to the colour of her piggy"s ear, to the untrained eye, it might be tricky to spot! If friend are ever before unsure or space uncomfortable cleaning her guinea pig’s ears, don"t hesitate to ask her vet for further help and advice.

What perform I must clean my guinea pig’s ears?

You will certainly need:

Cotton pads or compressesCotton budsOil (such as olive oil or mineral oil)A syringe without a needle or a pipette

And of course, your guinea pig!






Step 7:

Switch to her piggy’s other ear and also repeat these steps!

What if my guinea pig is uncooperative during the cleaning?

If your guinea pig is uncooperative during an ear cleaning, ensure that you provide your guinea pig plenty of moments of rest. Pause and let lock relax. Trying come clean an uncooperative guinea pig can reason them too much stress. You can also shot giving lock food incentives to assist reinforce that the experience have the right to be also lucrative for them. You deserve to also shot wrapping her guinea pig up in one extra fleece or towel. If every fails, consult your vet.

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As you deserve to see, ear cleaning is basic task to include to her guinea pig"s treatment routine. Through implementing this 2-3 times a year, you will certainly be not only be maintaining them cleaner, yet be staying clear of them native attracting unwanted pests such as ear mites.

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