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The Sims Freeplay- Building, Deleting and Resizing Rooms

This is a guide to present you exactly how to build, resize and delete rooms in the game. Friend firstly need to go come the residence section of the home store and also it will open up on the first tab dubbed rooms:

This provides you part instructions about how to construct a room:

To develop a room, hold and drag top top the grass or all over within an existing house. A eco-friendly room means it’s clean to build, red means that it can not be built.

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Drag on walls marked with a white to mark to resize existing rooms.


Like the instructions speak you need to hold and drag top top the grass inside the grid, friend cannot construct a room outside of the grid. Once you have dragged and also created a room friend will see an image similar to the one below:


Click ~ above the red overcome to delete it or click the environment-friendly tick to build it for the price displayed on screen.

The room will show up red together shown listed below if friend cannot build it there:



Once you complete the L-Shaped Rooms attribute Quest you will have the ability to create L-Shaped Rooms!

You firstly need to create a room choose normal as presented in the steps above then girlfriend will an alert one the these two orange buttons currently on the screen, click on the room renovator switch to be able to create one l-shaped room and also when you space done click the room switch to create normal rooms:


I’m walking to usage the image below to describe how to create l-shaped rooms:


1.Build a room like you generally would

2.Click top top the room renovator button

3.You will watch yellow present on some walls, these room the persons that have the right to be extended, click and also drag on this to make your l-shape

4.Click the environment-friendly tick come confirm

5.Click ~ above the room switch to modify your l-shaped room (this enables you to drag that section to do it wider)

6.Click the eco-friendly tick come confirm


Deleting a room is actually marketing it as you will certainly earn simoleons as soon as you delete it. To delete a room you must go to the rooms tab again, climate you can click a room and also if it deserve to be deleted it will certainly look prefer the photo below:


You can click the mite to store the room or click the red simoleon to sell the room for the price the is shown next come the red simoleon button. Every the item in the room will move to your inventory- apart from the wallpaper and also flooring.

Not every rooms deserve to be deleted, if it shows up like the image listed below you can’t delete it:


L-shaped rooms can be turned off in the same way as normal rooms

Why can’t ns delete a room?

The two key reasons are:

If you have actually a second or third floor you will certainly be unable to delete a room when there is a room over it, you should delete the room over first, i m sorry is why i cannot delete the room in the picture above.If there is a plate in the room girlfriend will need to acquire a sim to clean that up first before you will be able to delete the room.


On the same tab you have the right to resize any room that has actually a emphasize arrowed edge, it will look like the image below:


When girlfriend resize the room the choices that appear are the very same as structure a room.

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Why can’t ns resize every room? If two rooms of different sizes are beside each other then you will not acquire the alternative to resize in between the two rooms, rooms need to be the very same size to resize lock together.

For example, the lounge and kitchen have the right to be resized to make one of them smaller and also the other one bigger:


But the hallway and also lounge cannot be resized due to the fact that the hallway is much longer than the lounge: