Learn an ext About Lighters have the right to You Recycle Lighters? just how to Dispose the Them appropriately What are the Different types of Lighters? exactly how Do girlfriend Customize your Lighters? how Do Lighters Work? The Magic that Handheld fire The background of Lighters: Who designed Them and Why?
Recycling no always basic thing to number out. There are so numerous codes, symbols, and rules… it’s difficult to recognize what to do, particularly for the troublesome items prefer lighters.

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If you have actually a bunch of supplied lighters piling up in your junk drawer, listen up! You have the right to properly remove all that clutter and also still be eco-friendly in the process.

Is that Legal to throw Away a Lighter?

It’s not illegal to throw away a lighter, yet that doesn’t typical you should. The liquid can cause all kinds of damages to our planet.

The sad fact is much more than 350 million disposable lighters finish up in landfills every year, and also some space even consumed by animals. That method our food, land, and water can quickly be contaminated by hazardous waste. Yikes!


Can supplied Lighters be Recycled?

Unfortunately, offered lighters can’t quickly be recycled. Lighters space made from a variety of materials, consisting of plastic, metal, and also some type of liquid fuel or gas. It’s a nightmare to shot to type through all of this and also recycle the properly.

This can all sound bad. If girlfriend can’t throw away her lighters or recycle them, what do you do? don’t freak out simply yet, there space still lot of of environment-friendly solutions the end there!


Do you desire to learn an ext about what can and can’t it is in recycled? check out these valuable sources!

How come Dispose that Lighters

You shouldn’t throw away lighters nor must you placed them in recycling. However, there room plenty that other alternatives for what you deserve to do instead.

Dispose of your lighters by doing either of the following:

Bring them come a hazardous waste arsenal event. Turn them right into a DIY project.

Where deserve to You discover Waste collection Events?

One easy means for you come dispose of her lighters is come wait because that your town to have a hazardous waste repertoire day. Some areas even have actually designated hazardous waste repertoire centers.

Gather up your offered lighters, form in “lighter fluid” and your zip password in earth 911’s helpful search, and you’ll be met v a arsenal site near you!


And hey, if you’re at it, why not gather all of your hazardous waste and dispose of that in one swoop?

The perform of items that are thought about hazardous waste includes:

Aerosol cans Automotive assets like antifreeze, engine oil, and brake fluid Batteries Charcoal Drywall dirt Fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides Gasoline family cleaners Lightbulbs Lighters pond polish Paints, thinners, solvents, and also stains Photographic chemistry Swimming swimming pool chemicals Tar Thermometers Thermostats tile glue or asbestos

Earth 911 is just one of countless sources the end there for finding hazardous waste collection events. Many states and counties are also really an excellent about listing the dates, times, and also locations the these occasions on their particular websites. Hit increase Google to see as soon as your town or a town surrounding is collecting!

Can girlfriend Reuse Old Lighters?

As lengthy as she careful, you can turn her old lighters into furniture, containers, and even art. Get an imaginative and try to make any type of of the following:


Bottle Opener

Old BIC lighters come in handy as makeshift party openers. Usage the base, wedge it underneath the cap, and also carefully pull up.


Are you super crafty? revolve your old lighters into mini motorcycles and keep them together decorations in her garage or office.


You deserve to turn your provided lighters right into a conversation piece! Take inspiration from a DIYer named Diana Sather who made a table from her old BIC lighters and also posted it on Pinterest.



Stash her meds, cash, and also anything rather in her old lighters. You just need to remove the bottom and make sure there’s no liquid left inside.


Light Fixture

Your vivid lighters can come to be a nifty light fixture or piece of wall surface art. Simply be sure there’s no liquid inside the the lighters!

*DISCLAIMER: please note, these jobs are encourage to be done with skilled hands. If she at every unsure, it’s ideal to skip the tasks or asking the advice the a professional. Lighters are dangerous and also need to be tackled with care.

How lengthy Do rechargeable Lighters Last?

Brands like Zippo and Ronson have fuel that will certainly last indigenous 1 come 2 weeks. When the fuel runs out, you merely buy much more without having to litter away the lighter.

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This provides refillable lighters a an ext eco-friendly choice than disposable ones. They’re a bit pricier, however if you irradiate a many candles or carry out a many smoking, it may be worth the investment.


The Bottom Line

It can seem simple to just toss your lighter in the trash, yet that’s not really ideal for protecting our planet. Make certain you’re doing every little thing you deserve to to reuse, reduce, and recycle!


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