How can I divide a ideal angled triangle into 3 equal parts having actually equal areas using lines parallel to base from altitude to hypotenuse? in reality this is a item of land and also we want it to divide in together a method that.

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Area of a = Area that b = Area that c




See that when you would shot to divide your triangle utilizing lines parallel to the base , you will obtain three comparable triangles.

Using the reality that for two comparable triangles if their sides space in the proportion $fracpq $the locations are in proportion $fracp^2q^2$.

Here because the locations a and a+b room in ratio $frac12 $, it way that the sides would certainly be in proportion $frac1sqrt2 $,similarly political parties of a and also a+b+c would certainly be in ratio $frac1sqrt3 $.

which method you should divide her altitude into three segments in ratio $1:sqrt2-1:sqrt3-sqrt2$.


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one altitude is separated into 5 equal components by 4 lines. Prove the the the areas of alternate sections are equal.
how to prove the perpendicular from best angled vertex come the hypotenuse is in ~ most half the size of hypotenuse the a best triangle?

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