DA kind 2062, Hand Receipt/Annex Number, is a type issued through the U.S. Department of the army (DA) and also used because that tracking military property. A fillable variation of the type released on January 1, 1982, deserve to be downloaded below.

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A hand receipt should be supplied to all U.S. Military unit leaders having any Army residential or commercial property in possession. The commander climate appoints major hand receipt holders, which will ensure the all army property is correctly recorded and listed on DA kind 2062 before signing it.

The DA 2062 - often perplexed with DD form 2062, document of Preparation and also Disposition of remains (Outside CONUS) - perform durable, non-expendable items assigned come servicemen or units in the U.S. Army. There room no legal constraints to the number of times the property can be sub-hand receipted, however it is ideal not come exceed 2 times. The form can be offered in numerous ways:

As a hand receipt through a Hand Receipt Annex Number;As a hand receipt for soldier furniture with problem Codes;As a hand receipt/components receipt with bookkeeping Requirements password (ARC).

There room several ways to fill out the DA 2062 type depending top top its intended use.

The first two boxes need the information about the individual or unit offering the property and to whom the home is transferred. Fill in the 3rd box on the height of the page with the serial variety of the existing form.The second line the the kind - the annexer - is for listing the end item"s stock number and description, its publication number, date, and quantity.Fill in the "Stock Number" obelisk with the stock numbers of all items described in the form. In instance if things has no number, it need to be requisitioned by commonwealth Supply password for Manufacturers. Component numbers space requisitioned from the U.S. Army.The "Item Description" column identifies the item had in the materials of end Item (COEI), simple Issue item (BII ), and also the extr Authorization list (AAL) listings. Every these descriptions deserve to be discovered in the item"s technical manuals. This tower may likewise contain added data that will assist in identifying the item.Column C counts on the more use of kind DA 2062. It has the Hand Receipt Annex Number, problem Codes (if the type is offered for quarters furniture), or the ARC because that a components receipt.The remainder of DA form 2062 is split into a grid with one line because that each article with an are for the amount of the item being transferred left in ~ the finish of each line.

Thorough and also complete indict on how to fill the end DA kind 2062 deserve to be uncovered in the DA Pamphlet 710-2-1.

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How long Is DA type 2062 good For?

A DA 2062 is thought about to be an excellent for 6 months. Use DA type 3161, inquiry for problem or Turn-In, in case you require to issue a item of devices for a longer period of time. The an essential thing to keep in mental is the DA form 2062 is a short-term hand receipt and also is not an alleged to be a irreversible record the property.