It is essential to understand your golf cart serial number along with the year and model of her cart. Regularly the serial number will carry out important information about your golf dare - such together the year the golf dare was made.

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Club automobile Serial Number

The serial number for Club vehicle golf carts 1981 to present can be discovered right below the glove box on the passenger side.


The number is 12 characters and indicates the model, the version year and the production week the auto was produced. The letters describe the version of the cart and also the first two numbers represent the year the golf cart was made.



PQ = precedent Electric, 06 = 2006 version Year, and also 04 = fourth Production Week

Why friend Should recognize Your Number

Here is a real question I got from a reader after a current golf dare purchase.

Club auto VIN Number/Year the Carby Paul (Wilmington, NC)

"I to buy a Club car golf cart a week ago. The owner said it was a 1995 model. I thought him. I just now checked the VIN after reading your indict of how to carry out it and it reads: A8519 76451... Is this an 85" model and also have ns been duped?"



Hi Paul,

"All Club vehicle vehicles have actually a serial number plaque just under the dashboard. Girlfriend will check out a one or two letter prefix complied with by a series of numbers. The very first two number designate the model year of her vehicle."

Here is a link to the explanation:

You can always contact your local Club automobile dealer as well to verify. Perhaps the owner of the Club automobile was not mindful of exactly how to recognize the design year that the golf cart?

Best the Luck,

Bill Degner

Yamaha Golf cart Serial Number


The Yamaha car serial number is method more facility to uncover than various other golf carts.

So just click this link and also it will take you to the Cunningham Golf automobile website. 

Detailed graphics and instructions will aid you to recognize your make, model and year.

Yamaha Golf cart Serial Number

Here is a concern I received from a leader on "How to discover a Yamaha Serial and Model Number."

Yamaha Gas Golf cart Serial Numberby Shirley (Iowa, united States)

I am trying come insure a 1998 Yamaha Gas Golf cart and am having actually trouble detect the serial and model number.

Could you straight me to where on the golf cart I might find the information? Thanks.


Hi Shirley,

Great question! Yamaha is infamous for make serial numbers difficult to find. With various other makes they can be found in a continuous location - not through Yamaha. Castle keep changing where they location this important small number.

I think on the 1998 gas Yamaha Golf cart the serial number can be discovered just under the gloves box.

EZ walk Serial Number


EZ walk golf carts have a serial number and a manufacturer"s number. The year of the golf cart is found in the manufacturer"s number.

For golf carts 1994 to present look for a key in the passenger side gloves compartment.

The manufacturer number will have actually one letter and three or 4 numbers. The last two numbers reflect the year the golf cart was made.

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You will need to understand this necessary number for registering her golf cart, offering it or as soon as buying golf cart parts.

Most golf cart parts are particular not just to the make and model the the golf cart, yet also specific to the year the golf cart was made. The year your golf cart was made is usually uncovered in the serial number.

Golf car Catalog provides detailed instructions on how to discover your golf cart serial number because that Club, EZ GO and also Yamaha golf carts here:

How to discover Your Golf cart Serial Number

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