MovieStarPlanet is game that can be download on a computer, played in browser, and downloaded on a phone. The game has lot of servers for world from various countries. The most well-known servers space the US, UK, and Canada. However, MovieStarPlanet additionally offers servers such as France, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, etc. MovieStarPlanet has a member option called V.I.P, which expenses money. V.I.P member has more perks, and also there are different VIP options with differing prices. This game has many tasks to keep you occupied. You deserve to play minigames such together Dress Up, stunner Cards, Quiz, Casting, and Catwalk. Over there is also an arcade with much more. You have the right to chat with friends in chatrooms, post photos, do artbooks, and direct movies. You have the right to shop for brand-new clothes, items to decorate your room, and animations to display to her friends. However, you can not buy any kind of of this if friend don"t have any of the game currency, i beg your pardon is starcoins. As soon as signing up to the game, MSP provides 200 starcoins to the player, and quests to assist them earn also more. Just how do i earn even an ext starcoins? I"m here to assist you get rich in MovieStarPlanet!

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Starcoins can be deserve in tiny amounts with watching movie made by other players, play games, and completing quests. What i have uncovered the many efficient means of earning starcoins is petting other people"s pets, specifically highscorers. In the peak right-hand edge of the screen, there is a trophy icon, and also under it, it states "Highscores." to the right, under "All Movie Stars," room the highest possible level users on the server. Many of these civilization have 10 pet in their room, offering 5 starcoins each, definition each room you go to, you get around 50 starcoins. Simply the very first three pages of highscorers can provide you around 1,000 starcoins. You can repeat this every 8 hours. In a issue of days, you have the right to have 10s of thousands of starcoins. To go to a person"s room, you click on their symbol or username, and also a tiny profile home window will appear. Under "Actions" is a home icon. After clicking on the home icon, girlfriend will appear in the person"s room. To pet your pet, you just click it, and also it will offer you starcoins.

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There girlfriend go! In no time, you"ll have actually thousands the starcoins ~ above MovieStarPlanet. Using these tips, you deserve to earn over 1,000,000 starcoins in less than a year. You deserve to use these coins to decorate her room however you want, buy all the garments you desire, and show your friends every one of your new animations. You deserve to purchase backgrounds and also music for your movies. Ns hope you took pleasure in this guide/tutorial, and also use that to her advantage. An excellent Luck! Some write-ups of clothing, room items, animations, movie/artbook backgrounds, and also movie music are only easily accessible to ones v V.I.P membership. If girlfriend want, I can make one more bananapedia post on just how to gain V.I.P membership on MovieStarPlanet. Watch ya! :)