You go to the survive Area and find Buck was standing in prior of the "members only" building. You have to talk to him. Heatran should show up in the cave that the Magma rock was in.

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answeredJun 12, 2011by PsychicX1
no i tried your way so countless time so ns just made decision to to walk in and talk to him then go ago and that worked

After acquiring the nationwide Dex go to stark mountain then the an initial time you go team galactic should be there climate after lock arrest the old guy go to the trainer cafe then talk to buck after the go earlier to stark mountain and Heatran will be in the same ar where castle arrested the old guy.

You must have actually beaten the upstream 4 Pokemon league, then examine your Sinnoh Pokedex and see if that is full.

1.If it is, fly to Professor Rowan"s lab and talk to him.

2.In pokemon platinum there need to be 210 Pokemon.

3.When you obtain the nationwide Dex, go to Snowpoint City and also talk come the male next to the boat.

4.You"ll come at the fight grounds and then fight a fill of civilization .

5.When the routes to the will Area and other areas are unblocked, head come the mountain.

6.Then win team galaxy, go v the mountain, go out of it when you"ve go to the critical bit, and finally go out again.

7.Then speak to buck.

8.Go inside again and you"ll meat Heatran!

answeredJun 12, 2011by stefboss50

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You need to talk come Buck again and make certain he leaves the battleground in order to get heatran.

answeredDec 9, 2019by WolfSwirls
There space two answers the say what this price says. Why was this prize necessary?
commentedDec 9, 2019by stall_fest

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I additionally tried and also it didn"t work

answeredJan 24, 2012by Noy

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