Getting gems in DragonVale is one of two people time minimal or costs real money. However, girlfriend can acquire gems for complimentary if girlfriend follow these tips.

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Yes, I"ve end up being addicted to DragonVale. It to be really quite easy... I started playing and also I preserved going. After girlfriend play a while though you realize the you need more gems... And also stat! This is the only money that is completely gated in the game. So, exactly how do you gain gems in DragonVale for free?

How to acquire Gems in DragonVale

1. To buy them indigenous the sector for real money


2. Obtain them from your friends


3. Compete in the Arena wherein you can win 2 to 5 gems every 24 hours


4. Breeding birthstone dragons additionally gives girlfriend gems. Once maxed the end in level they can offer you one gem every week.

Getting Gems because that Free

Between all of this friend either need to fork end some genuine cash or usage the two time limited methods to acquire the gems for free. Those methods are the arena and birthstone dragons. The birthstone technique doesn"t sound prefer much, but the birthstone habitat stop 12 birthstone dragon so that can include up. Friend can get as plenty of as 47 jewel a week if you max out these methods. You can additionally get gems for complimentary from your friends, however I don"t really consider that totally free since someone had to collection the jewel the first time.


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Published May. 13th 2013
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