To catch Arituno, you have to go southern from Fuschia City, and go west v the sea paths of 19 and 20.There are plenty of swimmers waiting to battle you. You"ll obtain past castle pretty quickly. Soon, you"ll arriveat one of the two Seafoam Islands.

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Locations (Route 19, 20)

Seafoam Islands

Once girlfriend enter, walk right and also push the boulder intothe hole using Strength. Walk to the various other side (past the first ladder friend see), and also push the other boulder into the various other hole. Go ago to the initial hole, and also fall into it. Store on advertise the boulder and also following the (falling intothe holes through the boulder) until you reach the water. As soon as you do, the current will take you to one more level. Walk up ontothe land, left, and down all the method for an Ultra Ball. Take the only ladder to another level. Follow the path south and you"llfind a puzzle entailing a couple of holes and plenty that boulders.

Push the just boulder the you can push left every the way left so that it doesn"t block your way. Next, press thesingle boulder right into the hole. Now you"ll have to work top top the last 2 boulders. Push the one top top the appropriate all the means up,and find a method to press the other boulder into the various other hole. Currently jump into that hole. You"ll reach an additional level. Surf up,and you"ll satisfy Articuno.

After the encounter with Articuno, walk onto land and take the ladder. Go down after that and take anotherladder. Go right and pick up the Pearl. Go appropriate to take an additional ladder that"ll lead you come a Water Stone.Come back, go up the steps, and take the ladder. Push the boulder the you"ve driven in the start intoholes and also follow it. Carry out this till you reach water. The existing will be blocked, and you"ll be able to go ontoland. Follow the path, and soon, you"re out of the Seafoam Islands!

Locations (Seafoam Islands)

Power Plant

Before you go to catch Zapdos, make sure that you have actually plenty the Ultra Balls, good Balls, and also preferably, a Pokemon that have the right to put another Pokemon to sleepor paralysis. Fly to path 10, walk north native the Pokemon Center, and begin surfing in the water. Surf all the method southuntil you with land. You have reached the strength Plant. Deep within here, you"ll uncover Zapdos.

The strength Plant is to fill with electric Pokemon and also many Itemballs. Some of these Itemballs room actually Electrodetrying come trick you right into picking them up. The many they"ll do is part damage. Don"t be fear of running right into anElectrode; shot to pick up every Itemball to make sure that girlfriend don"t miss any items, particularly TM25 - Thunder and the Thunderstone.The strength Plant is pretty basic to navigate.Soon, you"ll uncover a lv. 50 Zapdos. Here"s a guideline that a trainer must always follow: save the game prior to fighting it,and restart the game to record it again if you do it faint.

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Locations (Power Plant)

Route 21

Fly to Pallet Town, and also go southern onto course 21.Surf all the method south. Soon, you"ll reach Cinnabar Island.