How do I acquire the PokeFlute channel in soul silver?

Right after ~ you acquire the EXPN card from the old male in the Lavender Town, go to Vermillion City. Then operation to the Snorlax on path 11. Walk to her PokeGear then go to the Radio part. Make sure the little circle point is in ~ the middle of the very top that circle, and then you will certainly hear the PokeFlute sound.

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How do you wake Up Snorlax in Pokemon soulilver?

Walk over to the snorlax and also activate the radio. If you move the cursor to the peak of the radio, it will play the pokeflute song. Then press A while facing it and itll wake up up.

Which is the ideal moveset for Snorlax Gen 5?

49 Answers. Usage Double-Edge to do substantial damage, then heal that off with Rest, making use of Sleep talk to tho attack. Crunch is over there to take down Ghost types. If this is for Gen 5, hefty Bomber can make a an excellent replacement because that Crunch, seeing how heavy Snorlax is.

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How perform you gain Snorlax through the poke flute?

Make certain the small circle thing is in ~ the middle of the very top that circle, and then you will hear the PokeFlute sound. Then leave the PokeGear and also talk come the Snorlax. You will go into fight with it. The is at a whopping level 50. This will certainly be your only chance to obtain Snorlax. Hope ns helped! Note: You have the right to only use the punctured Flute in Kanto

Which is much better earthquake or fire beat for Snorlax?

Return offers STAb, when Fire punch is offered to take down the Steel types who are immune come Toxic and also resist Return. Earthquake hits these Steel types with more power, while likewise hitting Poison varieties for super-effective damage. However, running Earthquake over Fire Punch will certainly leave you completely unable to carry out anything versus Gengar.

How to wake up Up Snorlax in HeartGold / SoulSilver?

You have to tune the Pokegear radio right into the “Poke Flute” channel, which is at the top center of the one tuner. Then push A come “talk” to Snorlax and also he will wake up and also attack! it is level 50, by the way.

How do you get Snorlax to wake up?

You should tune the Pokegear radio right into the “Poke Flute” channel, i m sorry is in ~ the top center of the circular tuner. Then press A to “talk” come Snorlax and he will wake up and attack! it is level 50, by the way. It’s a good idea to bring a bunch that Ultra Balls, or Dusk Balls if at night, or heavy Balls (made from Blk Apricorns) if you have actually them.

Where can I uncover the poke flute to wake up Up Snorlax?

First you require to get the generator piece (in cerulean gym).Then questioning the old guy in the kanto radio tower come upgrade your pokegear.Then when your close to snorlax placed the northern part on the radio come poke flute then speak to snorlax. PiFace you take it the words best out of mine mouth! U acquire the PokeFlute in ~ the kanto radio tower.

Where execute you capture Snorlax in Pokemon Emerald?

Upon return to the Radio Tower in Lavender, you’ll acquire a radio expansion, with the bag Flute Channel. In Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire Red/ Leaf green it awoke resting Pokemon. Go near the Snorlax and put the channel on. It’ll awake and attack you at Lv 50. Shot to record it. Why room you reporting this answer? Why space you report this question?


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