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Canalave City is wherein you"ll battle Rival and also obtain yoursixth badge. First, get in the an initial house you see, and also talk to the girl close to the door because that TM48 - ability Swap. The move Deleterlives in the house across from the Pokemon Mart. He deserve to delete moves you no much longer want from her Pokemon; his company is needed to removeany unwanted HMs the you"ve taught your Pokemon. Before you head throughout the leg to gain to the west side of Canalave City, it is in sureto heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, because that Rival awaits girlfriend on the bridge.

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Rival"s Pokemon space all about lv. 30. He even has a brand-new Heracross. After defeating him, together you always do, proceed west and go right into the Gym.

Fists that Steel

The Canalave Gym supposedly specializes in Steel-type Pokemon, but additionally uses a most Rock-type Pokemon. A Fire/Fighting Pokemon will melt through this Gym there is no breaking a sweat. However, you can break a sweat do the efforts to gain to the gym leader, who can be reached only after obtaining through the elevator puzzle that this Gym (actually, thisis very simple after locating which elevator to take it first). Begin off by taking the right-most elevator. Follow the route to go under the only easily accessible elevator, struggle the trainer, and take the only easily accessible elevator up. Go across by walking left and take the only obtainable elevator. Go throughout north, struggle the trainer, and go right all the way. Go south on the small aisle, and go ago north. Continue to the only available elevator. Fight the trainer, and go under the only accessible elevator. The red-bordered elevator will certainly take girlfriend tothe Gym Leader.

Byron, the Gym Leader (also the father of Roark, gym leader the Oreburgh Gym), offers dual-type Pokemon the are fifty percent Steel and fifty percent something else. His 3 Pokemon are: a lv. 36 Bonzor, a lv. 36 Steelix, and also a lv. 39 Bastiodon. For defeating him, Byron will award you v theMine Badge, which enables your Pokemon to usage Strength exterior of battle. He"ll likewise give friend TM91 - speed Cannon. As soon as you leave thegym, competitor will fulfill you outside and also ask girlfriend to walk to the Library with him.

Three Lakes

The Canalave Library is located north that the Gym. Go to the 3rd floor, wherein you"ll discover Professor Rowan, Dawn, and Rival. The Professor willtalk to the 3 of you around three legendary Pokemon in three of the lakes in Sinnoh. He and Dawn setup on visiting Lake Verity. That asks rival to explore Lake Acuity and you to check out Lake Valor. Together if there"s one earthquake, the structure shakes and also you heara according to explosion. The others will certainly rush out the building to check out what happened. Follow them outside. A sailor comes over and also notifies the four ofyou the the tremor to be the result of an explosion at Lake Valor. Rival rushes off and also so must you! Time to inspect out what taken place atLake Valor!

Lake Valor

Valor Lakefront (the area about Lake Valor) is situatedbetween Veilstone City and Pastoria City, so you deserve to fly to either city to obtain to the lake. You might remember the you"ve actuallygone previous the entrance, which was previously blocked by two men. Currently that these males are gone, girlfriend can discover inside.

Inside, you"ll find an empty lake bottom filled with splashing Magikarp and a couple of Galactic Grunts stand around. Fight two of them if you wish to andenter the cave at the center of the lake. Inside, commander Saturn, a Team Galactic boss, will battle you. ~ the battle, commander Saturn willretreat native Lake Valor, informing you the Commander Mars is in ~ Lake Verity. Now, fly over to Twinleaf city to gain to the otherlake.

Lake Verity

From Twinleaf Town, walk north-west to gain to Lake Verity.Professor Rowan will talk come you when you get in the lake, questioning you to aid out Dawn.You"ll uncover her encountering off with Commander Mars, whom you will fight again (you had combated her once before). After defeating her, she"ll give you some details top top what Team Galactic did, i beg your pardon is that they recorded the 3 legendary Pokemon Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. Now you should visit Lake Acuity, situated at the an extremely north of Sinnoh. To gain there, you"ll must go v Mt. Coronet. Fly end to Eterna City and head eastern to Mt. Coronet.

Mt. Coronet

Inside Mr. Coronet, first use toughness to push the boulder to obtainTM69 - absent Polish. Walk east, climate north, and push the boulder phibìc to obtain it out of your way. Smash the rocks on the left because that a Rare Candy. Continue north-west and also go down the entrance. Now, you"ll need to use Defog to eliminate the thick fog. Smash the first rock you check out for a Stardust. Surf a bit eastern on the water because that a Light Clay ~ above the tiny piece the land. Go back onto land,go under the second set of steps, and also go north because that a Soft Sand. Store on going and also go east, under the next collection of steps. Surf east or smashthe rock because that a Max Elixir. Press away the very first boulder you view for a Revive. Go south-east because that a Full Restore. Now, walk backto whereby you were prior to going under the steps, and also continue north until you leave the mountain onto course 216. Keep in mind that right before youexit, you"ll see 2 boulders; there is a HP Up between them.

Route 216

Surprisingly, it"s snowing on the other side that the hill on course 216.It"s quite beautiful, however on part areas, girlfriend sink right into the deep snow, making it an overwhelming for you to walk around. Take it the steps, go across thebridge, and also pick increase the Ice Heal ~ above the north end. Monitor the bridges every the way west for a nice detour native the deep snow you would certainly go throughotherwise. Store going west, and you"ll see a Snowbound Lounge, whereby you deserve to heal your Pokemon by sleeping in the bed. Walk north from thereand you"ll reach course 217.

Route 217

The snow right here gets really, yes, really heavy. The snow at some locations will sink you up to the neck, gradually you under further. You can generally speedup if friend walk because that a bit and stop walking. Course 27 is fairly wide, make it also more challenging to explore this route. You"ll find a half-covered Iron in the facility of the road. North-west the that, you"ll find a house and also TM07 - Hail laying outside. Behind the house, you"ll find the really important HM08 - rock Climb. After getting that, speak to the Hiker in the residence for an Icicle Plate. Top top the north-east side, there"s a house in which the girl inside will provide you a Spell Tag. Don"t continue north native here.Instead, go west, and also then head all the method north.

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Acuity Lakefront

The eye has lastly calmed down on Acuity Lakefront. You"ll see 2 Galactic Grunts prevent the enntrance gate to Lake Acuity; so,come back here later. Walk to the very north to pick up one Ultra Ball. Then, head eastern to go into Snowpoint City.