Celadon City is among the largest cities in the game, and home come a variety of sights. Unfortunately, it"s no so straightforward to find. You can start make your method to Celadon City after defeating the Vermillion City Gym Leader. Follow me the method you"ll discover a lot of beneficial items and also Pokemon. In ~ Celadon City, you"ll have the ability to get the Silph Scope i beg your pardon will provide you access to the Pokémon Tower.

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Leaving Vermillion City

Head to path 11 after defeating the Vermillion Gym boss. You"ll it is in traveling v a big cave on your journey to Celadon City, and the Flash capacity will make obtaining through the cavern much easier. Route 11 lies to the eastern of Vermillion City.Enter Diglett"s cavern on the much side of course 11. This cavern will take you to route 2.Talk to Professor Oak"s aide after catching 10 various Pokemon. Professor Oak"s aide on course 2 will offer you the important HM05 Flash, which you"ll require for the rock Tunnel. In stimulate to get this ability, you"ll need to have recorded at least 10 different species of Pokemon.Head to Cerulean City. Head earlier to Vermillion City and also then store going north till you with Cerulean City.Stock up on Potions when you"re in the City. You"ll be encountering 15 full trainers in the absent Tunnel, so having Potions will certainly be helpful. Friend may also want to pick up a couple of Escape Ropes and also Repels.Walk through the burgled house on the east side of town and also use reduced on the tree. This will open up course 9, i m sorry will enable you to obtain to the absent Tunnel.Continue through course 9 and 10. You"ll have to confront off versus a variety of trainers follow me the way. Shot to prevent using any of her healing items so the you have the right to save them because that the tunnel. As soon as you get in Route 10, you"ll discover a Pokémon center directly come the south.Heal up at the Pokémon Center. The rock Tunnel up ahead is long and also tough, for this reason make sure your Pokémon room well-rested at the Pokémon Center before heading in.

Traversing rock Tunnel

Use Flash once you get in the tunnel. The Flash capacity will light the screen, allowing you to view as you make your means through the tunnel.Find the ladder to the east. You"ll have to go under a tiny bit to protect against the dead end, and then earlier up to discover the ladder. This will take you come B1F.Walk to the left and then back up and also to the right. This will certainly lead you to one more ladder acquisition you earlier to 1F.Walk down and also to the appropriate to find the next ladder. This will take friend from 1F to B1F.Walk all the method to the left, then head up. This will certainly take you come the final ladder.Find the exit to the cave on the southerly wall. This will pop you out back on the southern side of course 10.

Getting come Celadon City

Enter Lavender city to the south. Lavender city is overcame by the Pokémon Tower, but you can"t acquire to the top levels till you get the Silph Scope. The Silph scope is located in Celadon City.Head west on route 8 the end of Lavender Town. Top top the much west end of path 8, you"ll come to the gates of Saffron City. Unfortunately, the entrances are barred, for this reason you"ll need to discover a method around.You can record a Growlithe by using cut on the tree to get into the fence area, which will certainly come in handy against the Celadon City Gym Leader.Enter the building to the phibìc of the Saffron City gates. This building will allow you to accessibility the underground Path. This tunnel will pop you the end on route 7, right out that Celadon City.Do part training on course 7. The tiny patch the grass on course 7 is a an excellent place to perform some training prior to you take it on the Gym Leader in Celadon City.

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Exploring Celadon City

Check out the department Store. The Celadon City room Store is among the best places come buy items in the game. You can acquire a variety of TMs and also stones here, and any recovery item. Friend can additionally buy an excellent Balls, which are perfect for catching elusive Pokemon.Visit the Celadon Mansion to open up Saffron City. Talk to the Old Lady top top the first floor the the Mansion to obtain some Tea. Take this to the guard external of the Saffron City gates to gain access to the City.Get an Eevee. If you take a party of 5 or less Pokémon come the ago door that the Mansion, you can acquire an Eevee native the Know-It-All Man. Expose it to a Water Stone, Thunderstone, or Fire rock to acquire a Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon.Beat Erika at the Celadon City Gym. Erika will likely be among the easiest Gym Leaders the you face. This is due to the fact that she supplies Grass-type Pokemon, which have a big number of weaknesses. Fire, Ice, Bug, and Flying will certainly all be effective versus her Pokemon.Take the Silph Scope back to Lavender Town. You can use the Silph scope to view the ghosts in the Pokémon Tower and access the upper levels.