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It to be bound come happen. Team Flare is make its move, and also Lysandre has actually been revealed together the team's leader. (Was over there ever any type of doubt?) They're to plan on deploying an "ultimate weapon" to lug ruin under upon the world, and also it's up to you to lug them under for good.

Anistar City

When you leave the Anistar City Gym you'll acquire a article explaining the situation, and also a hint as to your next destination. Fly to Lumiose City.

Lumiose City

Head come the café Lysandre in Magenta Plaza, easily accessible via the north Boulevard. You'll know it by the dark red color of the facade . . . And also the Team Flare Grunt the end front. Make sure you're healed prior to you enter.Talk come the waiters inside. They're no friendly.

Team Flare Grunt

Scrafty, level 46

Reward: $1,840

Team Flare Grunt

Liepard, level 46

Reward: $1,840

Both room a item of cake, v Scrafty acquisition the lead. Shrug.

Beat them both, then check the shelf alongside the woman Grunt. You'll reveal a an enig passage.

Lysandre Labs

Walk ahead. Lysandre is waiting.


Team Flare Lysandre

Mienfoo, level 45

Murkrow, level 45

Pyroar, level 47

Gyarados, level 49

Reward: $9,800

Yikes. Lysandre is a fair action up native his Grunts. Mienfoo and also Murkrow room no big deal, however Pyroar have the right to put a kind hurt on friend if you don't quickly swamp it through a Ground- or Water-type move. Fighting additionally works, if needed. Gyarados have the right to be a substantial problem, as it has actually a horribly-strong upset move and also a high speed stat. Take it it down conveniently with one Electric-type move. Impede that, Rock-type moves aren't terrible.

Time because that a maze. If you step on the floor tiles previous this suggest they'll shuttle you along until you struggle a wall surface and prevent or hit one more floor tile and change directions. Constantly fun, these. Begin by stepping top top the brick up and to your left which points left.There's a Grunt here.

Team Flare Grunt

Swalot, level 46

Reward: $1,849

A fairly minimal problem. Swalot likes come Stockpile top top its very first turn; many of time to take it it down v a special strike or a solid Ground-type attack.

Step ~ above the teleportation pad. It'll shift you to a familiar scientist.

Team Flare Aliana

Mightyena, level 46

Druddigon, level 48

Reward: $6,720

Mightyena is a nuisance in ~ best. Druddigon is the actual threat here; beware Dragon-types move and a surprised Shadow Claw.

Beyond here are two teleportation pads. Step on the green one. The various other pad take away you ago to the start.Hop on the pad that takes girlfriend north. A Grunt is waiting.

Team Flare Grunt

Swalot, level 45

Liepard, level 43

Reward: $1,720

Meh. Swalot is a little bit problematic, as always, though no for long.

Enter the room to the north. You'll receive a tiny bundle the Revives from, uh . . . Yeah.Head ago to the main room. Take the pad pointing right, then down. Go west from below to find a resting room. The Grunt below will give you TM 12, Taunt. Also here is a Revive. Last, you have the right to sleep in the beds.Back outside. Head eastern to find a trainer.

Team Flare Grunt

Liepard, level 44

Mightyena, level 44

Reward: $1,760

You know how to wipe the floor through pure Dark-types by now.

Walk north. An additional trainer waits to her right.

Team Flare Grunt

Houndoom, level 44

Toxicroak, level 44

Reward: $1,760

Glass cannons! Toxicroack deserve to be fairly annoying through Sucker Punch. Wipe them the end quickly.

Step top top the pad pointing right alongside the Grunt. Keep following the pads to an additional Grunt.

Team Flare Grunt

Manectric, level 43

Scrafty, level 45

Reward: $1,800

Manectric and its paralysis have the right to be annoying. No much here otherwise.

Go v the phibìc door. There space two an ext familiar scientists waiting.

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Team Flare Celosia

Manectric, level 46

Drapion, level 48

Reward: $6,720

Manectric is standard fare by now. Drapion is most likely a brand-new one; a Ground-type move will flatten it. Watch out for Night cut bolstered by Acupressure.