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Combat Level: 106Members: YesAttacks With: Melee and Magic and Special.

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Weakness: Fire spells.Poisonous: No Retreats: No

Adamant javelin (20)Belladonna seedBlood rune (15)Blue charm
Cactus seedClue scroll (Hard/Elite)Coins (200-7942)Crimson charm
Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragment 2Crystal triskelion fragment 3Crushed nest (6-9) (Noted)
Death rune (20)DragonstoneFire talismanGold charm
Green charmGrimy avantoe (Noted)Grimy cadantine (2) (Noted)Grimy dwarf weed (Noted)
Grimy guam (2) (Noted)Grimy harralander (2) (Noted)Grimy irit (2) (Noted)Grimy kwuarm (2) (Noted)
Grimy lantadyme (4) (Noted)Grimy marrentill (2-4) (Noted)Grimy ranarrIrit seed
Jangerberry seedKwuarm seedLimpwurt seedMagic logs (5) (Noted)
Maple seedMarrentill seedMithril battleaxeMushroom spore
NothingPoison ivy seedPure significance (200) (Noted)Ranarr seed
Rune 2h swordRune sq shieldRunite bar (1-2) (Noted)Shark (1-3)
Spirit emeraldSpirit rubySpirit sapphireSpirit weed seed
Staff that lightStarved old effigyStrawberry seedSuper defence (3)
Tarromin seedWatermelon seedWater talisman (3) (Noted)
Wildblood seed

93 Slayer required to death these. Have the right to only be killed if assigned by a Slayer grasp - you must either have actually a Fire cape/TokHaar-Kal or have actually unlocked the job for 2000 reward points. You cause an ext damage when wearing a fire cape. Periodically they burrow underground and also burst out leading to up come 2000 damage. To protect against this run few steps away from the strykewyrm. They will not burrow if you space standing following to wall surface while attack them. They likewise use magic as soon as not in close range.The possibility of receiving much better drops is enhanced by the Ring of fortune, enhanced luck potion, Collector"s insignia (charged), or luck of the dwarves.

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