Birds space lovely creatures, and they’re an important part that nature’s ecosystem. However, the droppings they leaving behind are absolutely not pleasant. Not numerous of us have time to fully pressure to wash our deck and also patio prior to spending time outside on a nice day. And also if she a pool owner, girlfriend don’t need me to tell you that seeing bird droppings to rise on by as you’re swimming is unsavory.

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If you wondering just how to keep your outdoor spaces clean, examine out these 12 tips for keeping birds native pooping on your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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How to store Birds indigenous Pooping on mine Deck, Porch, Patio and also Pool

If friend don’t choose the idea of having actually your aesthetically pleasing pool filled with blow up animals, floating beach balls are a good alternative. The coast balls are colorful and also will move about the surface ar of her pool v the wind, i beg your pardon scares birds and deters them from landing almost everywhere close.

Another good aspect the this hack is that inflatable beach balls tend to fit most people’s swimming pool decor a bit much better than a plastic shark would. They’re likewise one that the cheapest choices on this list, i m sorry is an included benefit.

Plus, her kids and guests deserve to play with them! return this tip can not be as reliable as the floating predator animals, there’s no damage in do the efforts it out first.

10. Remove Bird Baths & Fountains

The following few tips are less to do with scaring bird away, and more to carry out with making her yard, deck, and pool less appealing to birds in the very first place. If you have actually a birdbath or spring in your yard, that’s basically an open up invitation for birds come visit the area.

Birds adore water resources that they have the right to not only drink from yet bathe in together well.

If you have actually a birdbath or fountain, you might want come think about removing the – or at the very least relocating it to a far end of your property where bird droppings won’t stroked nerves you together much. If you take away your bathing station, they’ll be on the lookout for somewhere far better to hang around.

11. Trim ago Shrubs

Many birds like to nest and lay egg in thick shrubbery with lots of cover native predators and threats. If you have hedges lining her deck or patio, take into consideration trimming them back a tiny to deter bird from nesting or hiding in them.

Just be sure to carefully examine the bushes before you start pruning – be on the lookout for preexisting bird or squirrel nests.

If you find a swarm with eggs or infant squirrels in it, friend don’t want to injury them. Leaving the swarms (and your bushes) alone until the babies have (literally) left the nest.

Once you’re sure the swarms are no much longer in use, you deserve to relocate them and also carry on with your pruning and also trimming.

12. Eliminate Food Sources

Unsurprisingly, birds space going to be attractive to the seed in bird feeders. If you have a bird feeder however are additionally dealing with a bird poop problem, one of two people relocate the feeder to a far end of your home or take it it under altogether.

When the birds realize her yard is no longer a 24/7 buffet, they’ll watch for various other feeders in the area.

Birds are additionally attracted to trees and bushes that produce fruit and also nuts. Prior to chopping down these trees, girlfriend can shot hanging wind chimes, mirrors, or bird diverters from their branches.

However, if the bird poop problem persists and it’s beginning to stroked nerves you, friend may have to think about relocating and transplanting the tree elsewhere.


Remember, bird poop spanning your the end spaces is a difficulty that have the right to be handle with. Whether it’s her deck, porch, patio, fence, or pool, hopefully these choices have given you some concepts of how to efficiently tackle the issue.

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If you’ve had success with any of these methods, allow us understand in the comment below! Don’t forget to share these tips v your friends and family who might also be dealing with a bird poop difficulty in their yard or out spaces.