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Make your own Airsoft gun with simply a few off the shelf parts.

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Over the last few years I have actually been playing around with launchers do from PVC and sprinkler valves. I first came throughout the idea from make Magazine wherein they used a sprinkler valve to launch record rockets. As quickly as I could I made among these and had a blast through it. Ns wondered though if it might be made much more portable? after ~ a tiny experimenting I settled a way to add a hand-pump and also from this come the Handheld Compressed waiting Launcher.

I recently chose to revisit this idea and made a more powerful one which needed an exterior pump. Indigenous this, the Compressed wait Acorn Gun was born. Still ns wasn"t happy. I didn"t want to wait around for Autumn before I might go shoot things!

I made decision that I required something that was an ext portable and also able come shoot readily obtainable bullets. A quick search on yellowcomic.com and also I uncovered NightHawkInLight’s good Ible’ because that making a portable airsoft gun. Only difficulty was, ns couldn"t discover the brake tubing anywhere that the used. Also, back the triggering device is genius, I wanted a an ext traditional means to release my bullet.

So currently I involved my latest incarnation. This would have to be the ideal one that i have developed to date. Ns was entirely blown far by how powerful this beast is! simply 5 pumps of the hand-pump and also you’re prepared to go. The air is released easily by the electric sprinkler valve, and also that tiny airsoft bullet is released at part seriously attention speeds.

So to every those the end there who desire to build their own – i happily current the adhering to instructions.

DISCLAIMER – This has actually the potential to be a really dangerous project! I"m assuming you’re every responsible, intelligent people who know how to put things together. Make certain you use the ideal materials, glues and so on as friend are taking care of some severe pressure.

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Step 1: points to Gather



PVC Piping (pressure piping):

1. 1 x 25mm “T” section

2. 1 x 25mm pipeline (aprox 500mm long)

3. 1 x 25mm Cap

4. 1 x 25mm coupling

5. 1 x 25mm coupling with 20mm female object on one end

Copper fittings

Copper or brass tubing and also wire have the right to usually be uncovered at your local hobby shop. If not, climate you will be able to order the on eBay

1. 5/16 (8mm) hose Barb x 3/4" inch Female object - Aliexpress. This came to be the wrong size barb. Ns did yet hack a method to use it and it operated fine. I would imply taking the 7mm copper tubing down to your local hardware store and working out which water tap barb fits best.

2. 1 x 7mm (OD) item of tubing. Aprox 300mm length

3. 1 x 8mm item of tubing. You"ll need about 100mm

4. 1 x 9mm item of tubing. Around 100mm have to do it.

5. 1 x piece of copper wire. Just 2 mm thick need to do it.

Other Parts

1. Push button (Momentary) - eBay

2. 9v battery

3. Small spring (needs come fit snuggly end the 7mm copper tubing. - eBay

4. 2 x me tapping screws (if you are using the same switch together me)

5. 9v battery terminal

6. Sprinkler valve - eBay

7. Little hand pump

8. Pressure pipe glue

9. Heat-shrink

10. 500mm length of thin electric wire (aprox)

11. Holographic vision - eBay


1. Small blow torch

2. Solder

3. Flux

4. Drill

5. Assorted files

6. Hammer

7. Circular saw

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Step 2: "T" Section


First thing to carry out is to modify the “T” ar in order come fit a piece of 25mm pipe v it. This provides the air room for your gun.


1. Seize a round paper and begin to paper the insides. Friend will should remove a fair bit of the plastic to permit the piece of pipe to right through. If you have a dremmel you have the right to use this also (mine fell apart recently so I have to go manual)

2. Once you have actually made the hole big enough, push through the 25mm pipe. You’ll need to probably use a rubber mallet to cox it through.

3. As soon as the pipeline is through both ends, you need to trim increase each end so only around 30 come 40 mm is sticking out of each end. I just used a circular experienced to carry out this.

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Step 3: including the Coupings



1. Glue into place the 2 X 25mm couplings top top the ends of the 25mm pipe, The front coupling must sit flush with the T section. Trim the 25mm pipeline if necessary. The other coupling (the one the the pump will certainly go into) must sit around 10mm away from the T section. This will allow a little an ext pressure in the air chamber.

2. Following you need to glue right into place the threaded coupling to the front section of the gun.

3. Include some much more 25mm pipe to the bottom of the T section. This will certainly be her handle. I make the handle a tiny longer than crucial as that balances the end the perfect gun. DON"T adhesive tis into place, you room only adding this at the minute for painting. Lastly, press on the 25mm finish to the bottom that the handle.

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Step 4: adding the Pump and also Painting



1. The valve that i used has a 3/4 customs end. As we only have actually metric sized pipes and couplings, the closest is 20mm. It will median that you will need to include some plumbers tape to the end of the valve. That will additionally be a tiny tight but should screw ~ above ok.

2. You must modify the valve slightly. An initial remove the plastic filter inside the valve. This till simply slow under the wait leaving the chamber and also we don"t want that.

3. Following un-screw the 4 screws stop the solenoid on to the cowling. Turn it 90 degrees so the wires are encountering away indigenous the former of the valve.

2. Put the valve right into a vice and also screw right into the woman coupling as below.

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Step 6: including the Electronics

Next you need to wire-up the sprinkler valve to the battery and push switch. Originally I was going to include a security switch and also had drilled every one of the holes but found the it wouldn"t fit due to the fact that of the battery. I left the schematic just in instance anyone wants to include one.


1. The switch ns went with was native a children bike horn. Friend can gain these indigenous eBay of girlfriend went to use the exact same switch. Otherwise simply use any momentary switch. Drill the ideal holes and also attach the switch.

2. Drill an additional hole ~ above the next of the T section to permit thew wires indigenous the valve to go through.

3. Following is come solder the battery terminal, valve and also switch together. This is pretty straightforward but if you need a reference check out the attached schematic.

4. Attach the battery and also test.

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Step 7: The Loading room - part 1

For mine initial prototype, I supplied a ram rod to push the bbbullet under the barrel if it was a tiny tight. I want to avoid having to have to do this therefore I have the right to up through a method to pack the barrel. Friend don’t need to do this if you desire to store it simple. Take a look in ~ the last action to check out what ns did through the prototype.


1. First things very first – you have to make a hole in the 7mm tubing. The hole needs to be huge enough for a BB to fit into. To carry out this I offered a small bit ~ above the drill and started off drilling a small hole. Ns then changed to a bigger one to finish it.

2. You’ll have to document out the hole and also ensure that there space no burrs etc. Keep experimentation the hole with a BB bullet and also once it have the right to be moved in easily and move down the barrel you’re done.

3. Next thing to perform is come cut every one of the other pieces that copper and so on that you will need. The 2 collars and larger piece of tube is cut from 8mm tube. The piece of copper wire needs to it is in bent as presented to do a “trigger”

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Step 8: The Loading room - component 2


1. Following thing to execute is come solder ~ above a collar. Come decide whereby to include one, you’ll must put every one of the piece onto the 7mm tube and work the end how whatever will fit. I want the latch to the barrel to open towards me so i made sure that the create faced away from the gun. Note where the an initial collar requirements to go and also with a little blow torch and also flux, solder right into place.

2. Change the spring, latch and also other collar and then solder on the collar come the barrel. Girlfriend may have to put the latch right into a vice and also hold it ago so that doesn’t additionally get soldered.

3. Wipe away any flux and clean the spring. Test and make certain that the latch pulls back correctly.

4. Done

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Step 9: including the Barrel

One that the trickiest procedures for me was working out exactly how to affix the barrel come the sprinkler valve. It took me some time come come up with the perfect version due to the different sizes in between the barrel and also end the the valve. In mine initial prototype, i did manage to get the barrel on by making use of a copper reducer, a bolt and a most solder. The main trouble with this idea though to be it to be pretty much difficult to get the barrel straight. I had to re-solder a couple of times till I was happy v the finish result.

The version listed below is quite simple but will ensure that the barrel is straight and that the solder points space strong.

Note - The 3/4 inch female v the 8mm barb i purchased wasn"t the exactly size. Although the barb was 8mm, the was the OD size, not the ID. It supposed that I had to carry out a little much more re-work 보다 expected but it still works great.


1. Together the OD of the barb is pretty much the same as the barrel (7mm) you"ll have to add some 9mm pipe first. The 9mm is a tight fit yet a few hits on the finish with a hammer and it will certainly go ~ above ok.

2. Following you will need to cut the 9mm tube and also leave around 50mm. File smooth the finish of the tube.

3. Grab some 8mm tube and also cut a item so it fits into the 9mm tube and has a tiny sticking out the top. Include some flux and also solder the 8mm to the 9mm tube.

4. Currently you will be able to slip the 7mm tube that the barrel is made the end of into the 8mm tube you have actually just soldered. Prior to you solder that though, climp the end of the 7mm tube slightly for this reason the bb cartridge doesn"t role back right into the valve.

5. Screw into the sprinkler valve and also test.

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Step 10: Optional - make a Tripod and adding a Sight


You don"t need to have a tripod for her bb gun so I’m not going to go into much detail on this. All I supplied was a tripod, some bits and also pieces native the ratchet set (u-joint, expansion pole etc) and a preventive 25mm PVC cap.

Check the end the video clip at the begin of the ‘ible to see it in action.

Holographic Sight

You can pick this up ~ above eBay for about $25.00. Certainly something you need to think about adding. Ns secured mine with warm glue and also cable ties. You want to make sure that it is secured fast as the slightest movement will placed the sight out.

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Step 11: Optional - do a Case!

Recently i came across a great old wooden case and also thought it would make a great case for my gun. This isn’t necessary at all, but is a an excellent way to store and carry around all those bits you require in order to shoot a couple of rounds off.


1. Find or do yourself a wooden case big enough to carry everything in.

2. Decide what you need to add, and then occupational out where to store everything. Right here is a list of points I added to mine

a. Pistol barrel

b. Total body

c. BB bullets

d. Security glasses

e. Targets

f. Tripod

g. Speakers (so I deserve to listen to part tunes and also shoot sh*&)

3. As soon as you have chose how every little thing is going come fit, you’ll then must work the end a way to make sure that whatever is stable and also doesn’t relocate about. The best method I discovered was through some thick foam.

4. Note out on the foam the part to reduced out. Use a exacto knife and also cut the end the foam.

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Step 12: Complete!

Congratulations – you have now constructed your very own, high powered BB gun. Although over there are rather a couple of steps, most are quite easy and the end result works a treat.

What have I learnt native making this gun…

- fine firstly, plastic bb bullets hurt as soon as they hit friend – I’m average really hurt!

- next that the bullets are pretty useless over big distances. Not that they shed speed, yet trying come hit a target v a little wind i do not care nigh top top impossible.

- finally that bb guns are a totality lot that fun.

What would certainly I do in different way next time? generally I have actually a whole list of things that ns would execute differently. This time despite there really isn’t much I would certainly change. That’s due to the fact that I made a prototype initially and gleaned a whole bunch of ideas from the initial build. If I had actually to point out a few flaws, climate this is what I might have changed.

- The barb the the barrel walk into. Yes so i purchased the wrong sized one initially yet it still operated after a couple of modifications. The best one would certainly have had the barrel right snuggly into the barb.

- Pump. The pump that I provided is fine however it has a plastic take care of section i m sorry will most likely break at some stage. The good thing is if it does, the actually body ar is cheap and easy to make. The negative thing is it could break at part stage.

- The extra holes ns accidently drilled. I was walking to add a safety and security switch and also LED indicator come this gun however after i wired every little thing up and also had many parts in place, ns realised the there was i do not have anything to comfortably include the security switch! normally I would situate this in the handle yet the 9V battery take it up the room where I want to add the switch.

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Step 13: Optional - Pump take care of Mod

I have only freshly done this mode to the pump handle as it began to become bent. The manage shafts are only plastic so it doesn"t take lot for them to come to be bent. The mod is pretty straightforward but works a treat.


1. You will first need to eliminate the pump take care of from the pump. It"s not an extremely hard come do, depending on the kind of pump girlfriend have. Simply pull really hard on the handle and move side to side. The pump ns used has 2 pieces of plastic which organize the pump manage in place. This popped off through a tiny pressure

2. Reduced the tower about half way down.

3. Find a item of steel tubing (I provided some copper tubing ns had) the the tower fits nice and also tightly into.

4. Reduced the copper come the same length of the shaft.

5. Add some epoxy glue to the handle and push the 2 halves into the shaft. Leaving to dry because that 24 hours.

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6. Girlfriend may need to enlarge the hole the the obelisk goes right into as you have now increased the size. I provided a dremel to remove some of the material.

7. Put the handle back into the pump and also push the small plastic bits back into place.