This Minecraft tutorial explains how to do a nether reactor v screenshots and also step-by-step instructions.

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WARNING: A nether reactor was provided in Minecraft PE (before 0.12.1) to bring component of the Nether come the Overworld. Now, you can construct a Nether portal to go the Nether!!

This is the nether reactor style that us will develop in this tutorial:

You can develop a nether reactor, activate it, and also then collect few of the unique items indigenous the Nether. Yet you only have actually so much time once you activate her nether reactor. When your time operation out, you room left with this netherrack structure.

Required materials to do a Nether Reactor

In Minecraft PE, these room the materials you can use to craft a nether reactor:

Steps to make a Nether Reactor

1. Add the an initial Layer

In Minecraft, you need 14 cobblestones, 1 nether reactor core, and 4 blocks of yellow to make a nether reactor.

For the first layer, start by place 4 blocks of gold and 5 cobblestones top top the ground. There need to be a cobblestone placed between each gold block.


2. Include the second Layer

For the 2nd layer, location 1 nether reactor core and 4 much more cobblestones on the structure. The nether reactor core have to go in the middle and also the cobblestones need to go on all 4 corners.


3. Include the third Layer

For the third layer, ar 5 much more cobblestones top top the structure. There must be 1 cobblestone in the middle and also 4 more cobblestones to make a plus sign shape.


4. Activate the Nether Reactor

Now the your nether reactor has actually been built, you must be in Survival mode to activate it. Come activate the nether reactor, tap on the nether reactor main point in the center of the nether reactor.

You must see a Nether-like world appear around girlfriend with words "Active!" show up in the top right corner of the screen. Congratulations, you have actually a restricted time to destruction up her gold blocks if you want to save them. Otherwise, they will certainly disappear.


Now quickly run around and also gather every one of the items native Nether such as glowstone dust and also nether quartz.

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Soon, you will run the end of time and you will certainly be left through this netherrack structure.

Congratulations, you just learned exactly how to bring component of the Nether come Minecraft PE using a nether reactor. Hopefully, quickly the Minecraft PE version will have much more of the Nether come explore!