The Nkisi:


Minkisi (the plural of nkisi, i beg your pardon literally way "things which execute things") room 19th century wooden figurines, in the form of humans, created more than a century earlier in Kongo (present-day DRC and also Angola.) Conceptually, Minkisi room containers that capture the spirit of the dead and make it obtainable for use by the living, v a complex relationship that people-thing-spirit. They have been distributed across the civilization by God, and attributed distinct powers. Because that the BaKongo people, malevolent spirits room everywhere, and no illness or fatality is accidental. Therefore, chiefs and also minkisi must be supplied to counteract and also appease these powers. The living can use the Minkisi come inflict injury upon a person, varying from a headache to falling turn off a cliff. However, the life cannot simply manage the spirit of the Nkisi- there are two actions to the process. Firstly, a human being seeking help-- to record a theif or have a healthy and balanced pregnancy-- have to visit the neighborhood chief, nganga and ask him because that help. For pay, the will contact the Nkisi and ask that to uncover the culprit or resolve the problem. The an essential role of the chief, nganga is filling a medication pouch and also attaching it to the nkisi, or even incorporating in the nkisi"s body. The pouch deserve to then be filled with miscellaneous substances, depending upon the nkisi"s purpose. This medicine gives the Nkisi power and officially identifies it as a spirit. The Minkisi have they have actually their very own will and are considered very comparable to people. The Minkisi imposes rules, and if you violate them, it have the right to punish you.There are countless different categories, both physical and also metaphorical, in the Minkisi. The most important minkisi are an essential agents the justice because that whole areas in terms of wealth, justice and also healing. During the Belgian colonization of the Kongo, Minkisi to be severely repressed, firstly because they were thought about pagan and secondly since they were thought about dangerously powerful witchcraft. Lock were burnt or confiscated, and also members of the military deemed them members of an opposing politics force.

Kingdom of Kongo:


The Voodoo doll:


Although its origins are not totally clear, the Voodoo doll source in the Fon civilization of present-day Benin. The Voodoo religion was created in slave quarters in Haiti and Louisiana, when the faiths of assorted peoples began to intermingle. I will certainly be focusing on the use of voodoo dolls in Louisiana, which prospered enormously during the life the Marie Lavaux, the "queen that Voodoo".The indigenous Voodoo itself way spirits and Voodoo is a religious or magico-religious practice which intends at connecting spirits and mortals. This communication is only feasible through a magical procedure using a gris-gris. A gris-gris" an interpretation is nuanced-- it have the right to either it is in the magical act or the object used for magic, or even both. Voodoo steers far from its much more religious base right into the superstition the is commonly linked with as soon as a gris-gris is treated as containing the magic in itself. Spirits space no much longer the strongest force; the magic have the right to come native the gris-gris itself. The voodoo doll is a gris-gris, however can be used as a spiritual object or a superstitious one relying on how the user treats it. The voodoo doll is generally a small, soft doll representing a person, despite the degree of physical detail may vary. This doll, lie alone ~ above a table, is no various from any kind of other kind of doll. However, the spicy pins which accompany the doll make it a voodoo doll. The person managing the doll has finish control over the doll, and also can press the pins right into the entirety of that is soft body, attaching strands that hair or the name of the subject to the doll. The principle rests ~ above this body being the material incarnation the a person, although spiritual usage that the voodoo doll uses outside spirits.

Both the voodoo and the nkisi doll are inanimate objects to whom good powers space attributed, but in different ways. Once these objects are given agency, the an alleged segregation in between thing and human is more blurred. Externally, the two figurines may seem comparable in their function, however their purpose, materiality and also use in society context differentiates them greatly. The Nkisi is an extremely much offered to maintain and regulate social order, whereas the voodoo doll is extensively used for personal needs. This is an essential to understanding the nuances that the doll.


Minkisi: A point that does things.

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Nkisi: a heart personality regulating a details activity or function. Also, a material composite with which such a spirit have the right to be approached.Nkondi: a loosely identified class that nkisi who functions included “hunting” witches and other unknown wrongdoers. Numerous are wooden figures stuck complete of nails and also other hardware. From konda, to hunt in ~ night.Nganga: expert owner-operator of an nkisi.

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Voodoo: A religious beliefs that is acquired from afri polytheism and ancestor worship (Merriam- Webster)Gris-gris: an amulet, charm, or spell of African beginning (Webster dictionary)Loa: spirits in Voodoo religion.

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Legba: that is the most crucial spirit, who provides or denies permission to speak to the other spirits. That is the an initial and critical invoked in Voodoo ceremonies.

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