The trick come a sluggish burn, however, is packing it tightly v high-quality, unique ground weed and using rolling documents that like to take your time. Photo by iStock / Getty photos Plus

Use a grinder

very first things first: grinding the weed before rolling is a must; a loose grind and larger piece of three burn much more quickly and an ext unevenly. To acquire an even burn, break the cannabis into even pieces. And the best means to perform that is to use a grinder , back there are a few other options that don’t require using a grinder.

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Rolling documents are usually made from timber pulp, hemp or rice. While hardwood pulp files are the most typical in dispensaries, they, unfortunately, additionally burn an ext quickly and also are commonly bleached, which, again, alters their burn rate. That said, they room a good option because that beginners.

if a an excellent grind is important, nothing overdo it. Weed it is too finely ground can prevent the wait from circulating through the joint and also ruin the smoking experience. Photograph by iStock / Getty photos Plus back rice rolling documents have the shortest burning rate, many experienced users favor to use hemp rolling papers. The latter burn slow than wood pulp papers, yet are sturdier 보다 rice papers, making castle a solid an option overall. Additionally, hemp rolling records are normally unbleached and also additive-free.

Inside-out for an also burn

Keep in psychic that parts with overlapping record burn an ext slowly 보다 the remainder of the joint. Shot rolling inside-out joints come minimize file overlapping and also get that an ext even burn.

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Transform into a twax joint

Twaxing is a hatchet coined to define the process of adding weed concentrates come the exterior of the joint. Including some hash either on the rolling document or in the mix will slow-moving burning rate and administer a stronger high. Remember, however, the twaxed joints room far more potent. Concentrates contain greater levels the cannabinoids and should be provided only by skilled users who’ve developed a little bit of a tolerance to THC.

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although rice rolling documents have the shortest burning rate, most experienced users choose to use hemp roll papers. Picture by iStock / Getty pictures Plus

Coat the joint through honey

If a joint can be coated v honey-like three concentrates, why no coat that with genuine honey? Some experienced cannabis smokers report that coating the outside of the joint v honey helps sluggish the burn. Because that an included boost, consider sprinkling the honey-coated joint with some kief .