+ human being = electrician.+ wild pet = snake.+ nerd = computer.+ dynamite = dynamite.+ sugar = red vines.+ computer system = Internet.+ irradiate = optical fiber.+ wool = steel wool.

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What deserve to I make through love in tiny alchemy?

What deserve to you make v love in tiny Alchemy?

Combine withCreate

What deserve to you make with rust in small alchemy?

What deserve to you make through rust in small Alchemy?

Combine withCreate

How do you make wolf on little alchemy?

How come make wolf in tiny Alchemy?

dog + forest.dog + wild animal.Moon + wild animal.

How execute you make steel in small alchemy?

Walkthrough for steel in small Alchemy. Waiting + water = rain. Waiting + waiting = pressure. Planet + fire = lava. Earth + rain = plant. Air + lava = stone. Fire + rock = metal.

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Plant + pressure = coal. Charcoal + metal = steel.

How to do metal little alchemy 2 cheat guide?

It’s an unlockable item, it will certainly be obtainable when particular progress is reached! however it can likewise be done by mix items!