To do a long story short, countless of us on chat have actually realized that we require to have actually a appropriate power balance control, and component of that included making Coskit a mod. She didn’t favor that and also made up she mind to leave.

You can still contact her ~ above the yellowcomic.comca aid Chat.

Coskit’s Note

I’m leave this blog in the hopes that people will find out respect and also lose suspicion. I’ve tried and also tried, however it looks choose the hard method is the just way. And this is it.


Hijuyo, this is for you. I’m continuing to be on the chat, at least for now. You lugged me into this by modding and ownering me, and of food I’m grateful to you for that. You answered every my questions. Give thanks to you.

Smockers. Once I saw you, you constantly made me laugh v your jokes. You gave me member (although I later on lost the password to the account