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2021 has actually been an tremendous year for the game stations 2 modding scene. The PS2 may be over twenty years old now, but the community roughly it is still quite strong. Previously this year, MechaCon to be dumped in full. This allowed for civilization to investigate ways to modify this “security chip”. Together a result, the MechaPwn exploit now exists.

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MechaPwn allows certain models of the PS2 come break away from the system’s region locking. When completed, it transforms retail PS2s into a developer kit the sorts, allowing the capacity to run retail PS1 and PS2 discs indigenous any an ar on your system.

This is extremely interesting news for anyone who owns PS2 or PS1 discs from other regions however only has accessibility to a PS2 native one particular region. Or, those who have actually multiple an ar systems might prefer to usage one system for convivence sake. Yes, there have actually been plenty of ways come play gamings from various regions on a PS2 in the past. These include modchips, Swap Magic discs and more. However, none of these space as convenient or cheap (if girlfriend don’t currently have a solution in place) as the new MechaPwn option.

Before digging as well deep right into MechaPwn, interested parties have to be mindful of a couple of key points.

This manipulate only works on PS2 equipment from design number SCPH-500xx and also up. That consists of some late model original PS2s and also all PS2 Slim models. This make use of (as collection up in mine instructions below) only allows playing retail discs. The does not enable the ability to play shed discs. This make use of requires intake of a homebrew application to run initially. I will explain some techniques of accessing the homebrew application below.If perform improperly, this mod deserve to potentially brick her PS2. “Bricking” refers to rendering a mechanism inoperable.

Determine your PS2’s Version


With those crucial points the end of the way, let’s delve more into specifically, to identify if your PS2 works through this exploit and what especially will be enabled. To check what model number your device is, look at on the back/bottom the the PS2 for a sticker (see image above for reference). If over there is no sticker, rotate on the PS2 and click Triangle at the residence menu to traction up version information. The display will list your PS2 design number together Console SCPH-xxxxx.

SCPH-500xx version systems allow running of all an ar PS1 and also PS2 discs if you have a NTSC-U (USA) or ASIA (not NTSC-J) unit specifically. NTSC-J (Japan) systems will only have the ability to play NTSC-U and also NTSC-J discs PS2 discs. NTSC-J and also PAL (Europe) units also will tho only have the ability to play PS1 games of their stated region.

These confuse per-region discrepancies go far if you’re fortunate sufficient to have a PS2 with design number SCPH-7500x or above. V these models, the MechaPwn exploit allows the same features on all region systems. Basically, any region PS2 will have the ability to play any region PS2 or PS1 retail disc.

NOTE: before proceeding, strength up your PS2 and also test loading a game disc. The PS2, like plenty of disc-based consoles, deserve to be afflicted by dead/dying lasers. Due to the fact that MechaPwn needs the consumption of discs to play games, if your disc-reading laser is dead, this mod will certainly not be of any use!

Requirements come Launch MechaPwn


The MechaPwn exploit allows extreme lull of usage for running multiple areas of game discs on her PS2. However, the ability to launch the regime which runs MechaPwn initially requires existing access to a homebrew application dubbed LaunchElf. Have you ever before heard of FreeMcBoot, Fortuna or FreeDVDBoot? If not, then possibilities are girlfriend don’t already have accessibility to this initial required program.

I only have experience through FreeMcBoot and also FreeDVDBoot. There are additional options beyond these two, however unfortunately i cannot administer assistance ~ above them. If you room interested then examine out “The good PS2 AIO Guide” Tutorial over on PSX Place. It provides much much more information on exactly how to download these assorted options.

All requirements are together follows:

PS2 with design number SCPH-50xxx or above. A launcher routine to operation LaunchElf (FreeMcBoot, FreeDVDBoot, or something else).USB flash drive formatted come FAT32.

If girlfriend need an ext information about FreeMcBoot or FreeDVDBoot, view the next two sections below. If you’re already collection with a launcher regimen then head straight to the MechaPwn environment instructions.



FreeMcBoot is just one of the oldest and also reliable homebrew launcher program which operation on both models the the PS2 and runs turn off a PS2 storage card. It might not work on details SCPH-9000xx PS2 models. Anyone through those models should investigate FreeDVDBoot or Fortuna instead. Through that said, details steps for getting FreeMcBoot onto a memory card space rather complicated and require additional PS2 software application to setup.

As a result, a couple of years ago I simply purchased a PS2 memory card v FreeMcBoot pre-installed ~ above eBay. This is my reference if you desire to use it. Alternately, questioning if any friends currently have a FreeMcBoot memory card. If castle do, it’s a relatively simple procedure to usage that card to do a new FreeMcBoot install on an additional PS2 memory card.

FreeMcBoot additionally provides easy access to installing various other programs onto your memory card. These added programs have the right to turn the PS2 into a little of a media server or emulation maker for classic consoles. If you ever had an original modded Xbox, then you recognize what to suppose from a modded PS2.

Note: MechaPwn requires FreeMcBoot variation 1.966 Multi-Install specifically. Previous versions might stop functioning if used to perform the MechaPwn exploit.



FreeDVDBoot is a newer, easier way to acquire FreeMcBoot-style usability without needing to source a storage card v the program set up already. It makes use of an exploit uncovered on the PS2 DVD player last year. The is tho in energetic development and PS2 Slim is the main model supported.

Note: If you execute not have a PS2 Slim, please testimonial the indict on the FreeDVDBoot GitHub as specific DVD Player versions need a various version that FreeDVDBoot. To inspect your DVD version, rotate on the PS2 and press Triangle to open the variation details list.

Insert a empty DVD-R disc right into a DVD-R burner. Operation a disc-writing regime such as IMGBurn to create the ISO record to your disc.Extract FreeMcBoot ZIP. Copy all extracted components onto the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive. To check this is working, place the burned disc and also flash drive into PS2 and also power the system up. If successful, it will fill up to another screen instead of the usual PS2 key menu.

With a effective test completed, you can now proceed to beginning MechaPwn by adhering to the actions in the following section to include the corresponding paper to your flash drive and running the exploit. Ensure that the FreeMcBoot records are still saved on your flash drive, as they should remain on over there to run LaunchElf.

Launching MechaPwn manipulate


When you have actually some method of launching LaunchElf, girlfriend are currently ready to run the MechaPwn exploit on your compatible PS2. The adhering to instructions were tested top top FreeMcBoot specifically. FreeDVDBoot have to work similarly.

MechaPwn needs to be operation twice. As a result, the instructions space not as enormous as lock may very first seem as result of repetition. Still, I want to keep them verbose so the folks have the right to follow along with every single part of the process.

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Note: do NOT permit “Force Unlock” uneven you recognize for specific you desire to make use of that feature. Permitting Force Unlock will adjust your PS2 for this reason it can no much longer play PS1 games or DVDs, including running FreeDVDBoot.

Plug FreeMcBoot storage card and USB flash drive into PS2 (If to run FreeDVDBoot, then place the disc into system instead of storage card).Turn ~ above PS2, i beg your pardon launches right into FreeMcBoot/FreeDVDBoot automatically. Operation LaunchElf.Browse come Mass brochure (USB speed drive) and also find her Mechapwn.elf file. instance directory: mass:/Mechapwn.elfMechaPwn launches through an man map screen. Push X come continue. Program backs up nvm.bin file. Push Circle button to download the exploit.Now the display shows to unplug the strength cord. Unplug your PS2 indigenous the strength source. Just pressing the power switch is not sufficient – you should unplug the unit so that MechaCon turns off. While mechanism is unplugged, plug flash drive ago into PC and also copy the nvm.bin file somewhere for sure on her PC. Additionally keep the paper on your USB speed drive. As soon as done, plug speed drive back into PS2.Turn on PS2, i beg your pardon launches into FreeMcBoot/FreeDVDBoot automatically. Operation LaunchElf.Browse to Mass directory (USB speed drive) and also find your Mechapwn.elf file. example directory: mass:/Mechapwn.elf MechaPwn launches with an animated map screen. Push X to continue. Choose “Change region” option. Pick “Retail-DEX” choice to turn mechanism from retail to DEX (Development version).Select your equivalent model number on this screen. Example: my PS2 is SCPH-77001. So I require to select DTL-H77xxx. This is since the variation “77001” matches in ~ “77xxx”.The 2nd Select Model screen lists regions. Choose the corresponding region of your PS2. Example: mine PS2 is NTSC-U (USA) model. So for my SCPH-77001 system, I require to select “DTL-H77001 – USA” which matches the design number exactly.Install force Unlock alternative appears. Click No to NOT permit this option. This option, if enabled, causes every disc come be review as a PS2 disc. As a result, DVD playback and also PS1 games will no longer work in the disc drive if you allow Force Unlock. This is why I decided to select No. Environment completes. When the screen displays the unplugging graphic, unplug your PS2 strength cord again.Plug system earlier in and turn on. Once you check version by pressing Triangle top top the house menu, it have to now perform DTL-Hxxxxx rather of SCPH-xxxxx.

With the last step complete, you deserve to put away your flash drive and also FreeMcBoot memory card or FreeDVDBoot disc. From here on out all you should do is revolve the system on, insert a PS1 or PS2 disc native MechaPwn-enabled regions, and then it will be played successfully by the system.

Did this article aid you out v running MechaPwn on your PS2? hopefully so! If interested, you can send a buck my method via mine Ko-Fi page.