Now that you’re officially the Champion that the Alola region, the four guardian divine beings will accept your challenge whenever friend visit castle in the deepest component of their ruins.

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Ruins of Conflict¶

You encountered Tapu Koko, the guardian of Melemele Island during the course of the story; possibly you even recorded it at the very end. Every little thing the case, you have to visit the damages of conflict anyway.

To reach there, head for the back of Iki city on Melemele Island. Together you approach, you’ll bump right into Hau. Next, go all the method up Mahalo follow and across the newly-repaired Plank Bridge.

On the various other side, take the Electric Seed come the east. More north is the entrance to the damages of Conflict. You most likely saw it during the finishing sequence, but there’s a Zygarde cell (14) to the appropriate of the ruins entrance.

If girlfriend haven’t captured Tapu Koko yet, head inside the ruins, then continue north in the direction of the deepest part. Go up the measures and, when you’re ready, check Tapu the at the optimal to an obstacle the guardian.

Legendary Pokemon¶


The battle is precisely the same as throughout the finish of the game. Yet this time you should be appropriately prepared.

The guardian deity of Melemele Island has actually the electric Surge Ability, i m sorry summons an electric Terrain in ~ the begin of battle. When this terrain is around, Electric-type moves room powered up and Pokemon cannot autumn asleep (only uses for Pokemon ~ above the ground).

Tapu Koko has good Special Attack and also impressive Speed; factored in the boost from electrical Terrain and you’ve gained a challenging battle on your hands. To make things also trickier, its signature relocate Nature’s Madness have the right to halve her Pokemon’s existing HP prefer Super Fang.

Ground-types space ideal due to the fact that they are immune come its Electric-type moves. The course, you need to avoid hitting it through super-effective moves in situation it faints. Instead, move to a Ground-type after weakening it with False Swipe, etc.

Since Tapu Koko is an Electric-type, it can not be paralysed. For this reason that’s one alternative out the the bag. In addition, electrical Terrain prevents it from falling asleep. However, electric Terrain just lasts 5 turns, after i m sorry you’re cost-free to send it to dreamland.

Ruins that Life¶

This is the an initial ruin girlfriend visited during the story, the place where you take it on Olivia throughout her grand trial. If girlfriend forgot, it’s located just beyond Memorial Hill top top Akala Island. Inside, there’s a boulder puzzle come test your brain.

From the start, head north follow me the eastern side. Speak to Machamp and also shove the east-most boulder north right into the space on the floor. After ~ this, action on height of the sunken boulder and also shove the boulder come the left right into the nearby gap.

Next, move on peak of the newly sunken boulder, then push the boulder over all the method north right into the following gap. From here, the exit is in ~ walking distance. As before, inspect the Tapu statue in ~ the far end to rouse the guardian.

Legendary Pokemon¶


This guardian has the Psychic surging Ability, which causes Psychic Terrain in ~ the start of battle. If this terrain is in effect, the power of Psychic-type move is boosted and increased priority moves targeting Pokemon execute nothing (only uses for Pokemon on the ground).

Tapu Lele has actually rock-solid one-of-a-kind Attack, which an unified with Psychic Terrain, provides its Psychic attacks really leave a mark. It has Nature’s Madness choose Tapu Koko, to add Moonblast because that STAB and Flatter to confuse your Pokemon.

Steel-types room the Pokemon of an option here, but shot not to use their Steel assaults since Lele is kind of squishy. The way, you can resist that Psychic and also Fairy attacks. Dark-types would’ve to be nice, yet they take big damage from Fairy moves. Unlike you’ve acquired Muk or something.

Ruins of Abundance¶

To with here, you’ll need to navigate the treacherous Haina Desert. If girlfriend haven’t survived the desert yet, flip back to the Ula’ula Island section. Inside the ruins is one more boulder puzzle.

From the start, ignore the two adjacent boulders and also head north follow me the eastern side. Speak to Machamp and push the 3rd boulder phibìc one space, then stop (although it doesn’t issue if you press it more). Currently go west and push the following boulder 2 spaces north.

Afterwards, the leave should be in ~ sight. Beyond, go up the steps and also inspect the Tapu statue at the finish to difficulty the guardian the Ula’ula Island.

Legendary Pokemon¶


This guardian has actually the Grassy surging Ability, i m sorry summons Grassy Terrain in ~ the start of battle. While this terrain is around, Grass-type moves space powered up and also all Pokemon slowly restores HP (only applies for Pokemon ~ above the ground).

Like its illustration suggests, Bulu is bulky through excellent strike and good defensive stats, yet mediocre Speed and (surprisingly) HP. The one you challenge has Nature’s Madness, yet no Grass-type moves, instead Psychic, an insect and Normal-type moves.

As such, Steel-type Pokemon are great to have around to stand up to Tapu Bulu’s heavy-hitting moves. Because it’s a Grass-type, Grass-type status moves choose Sleep Powder and Spore don’t work, yet you have the right to put it to sleep etc. Using other means.

Once you’ve excellent here, you require to exit the ruins, which can be more difficult than getting in… Head down the eastern side, skipping the two nearby boulders. Next, support the 3rd boulder all the means south towards the entrance. Finally, press the boulder top top the left to clear the way.

Ruins of Hope¶

This one couldn’t it is in easier. You already visited the depths through Hapu towards the end of the story. In fact, you’ll find the puzzle is quiet in its solved state, permitting you come casually stroll come the Tapu statue in ~ end. Closely touch it and the guardian will certainly bless you with a battle.

Legendary Pokemon¶


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Tapu Fini60Water/Fairy

The last guardian has actually Misty Surge, which create Misty Terrain in ~ the start of battle. When it’s misty, Dragon-type moves space weakened and Pokemon can not be afflicted with status (only applies for Pokemon ~ above the ground).

Stat-wise, Fini concentrates on defence and also staying power. No that its various other stats are too shabby. It has Muddy Water and Hydro Pump because that STAB, Nature’s Madness to halve the opponent’s HP and also Aqua Ring come constantly gain back HP.

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Pokemon that stand up to Water-types space a boon, such as Grass-types. Because it’s very likely to usage Aqua Ring, you’ll need to use False Swipe on the every now and also then. You should likewise wait till Misty Terrain is unable to do so you can use a condition affliction.