If friend accidentally slipped a couple of too numerous coins in her piggy bank and also don’t feel like breaking it open up to get them back, use this cheat instead.

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This video clip from the Hacks human being YouTube channel demonstrates a clever way to siphon some readjust out of one unbreakable piggy bank. Simply grab a butter knife, on slide it into the coin slot, and tilt the piggy bank upside down. The tongue of the knife will act prefer an emergency to escape slide because that the bad coins imprisoned inside.


Use a Piggy bank as a Password Escrow Account because that Sharing her Children's PasswordsParenting is a high-wire act, particularly when it involves kids and also cyber security. You want to…

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Back in the 50s, as soon as a dime was still worth a the majority of candy, mine sister and also I supplied to keep a butter knife beside our piggy banks.