Lines of three will no clear this level so emphasis on making and using specials/combos and if friend can"t acquire them, relocate the fruit down.

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Once a item of fruit drops off the display screen the next usually fall in the gap, so shot to do this one "easy" place. Ie: Not over licorice or cream.



I'm having a most trouble through this level, I'll shot to stay much more focused!

19 June 2013 at 13:50

Matt Ganzaksaid...

I stopped worrying around trying to remove the chocolate in the bottom and also I focused on getting an excellent combos. This assisted me beat candy Crush Level 102

15 august 2013 in ~ 20:42


It has been impossible for me since 2 or 3 moves and also its over,a 2nd it appears so. Why execute I only gain 1 or 2 moves and also its over? anyone else having this problem?

7 September 2013 in ~ 13:32


This is the worst level therefore far...I acquire combos but the bombs always go off before I can gain all the fruit come the bottom...frustrating!!!!!

14 September 2013 at 18:01

You wore the end my patience. Have tried and tried, and also there is no method I can ruin the bombs top top time. Secondly, i am retired and on a solved income, so ns cannot it is in buying boosters all the time. Ns can't obtain all the fruits down on time. Sorry, yet I'll have to quit.

16 September 2013 in ~ 02:44

This one is no so difficult after all. You can shot and eliminate all the chocolate, but the opportunities to succeed space pretty slim. There's a far better way to do it. The tip above to quit when you can't save the chocolate in inspect is crap. Don't worry about the coco at all. Try to erase part licorice v your first move (if girlfriend can't execute so, quit and also start anew prior to you make your an initial move, that won't expense you a life then). Just let the coco spread and focuse ~ above making upright stripes in the shaft your fruit are. The stripes will certainly shoot the cherries and also nuts directly through the choc. Combos also help. Sheathe candies alone and also horizontal stripes don't aid much, uneven they room in the bottom half.

7 October 2013 at 08:37

When I'm done through the friend helps I will be deleting the game. I have actually don't believe you should have to be stuck because that days top top one page. An excellent bye liquid crunch it's been fun but I'm DONE.

15 October 2013 at 23:45

if you gain lucky through making one-of-a-kind candies, don't use them till you have the right to drop them come the bottom, this will aid you remove the cacao faster. If that doesn't help, then you can obtain some good Tips to Beat liquid Crush Level 102

22 January 2014 in ~ 19:53

My picture on level 102 in liquid crush is different when the loads, i execute not have actually candy in the bottom going throughout nor perform i have coco going across. What ups v that

7 February 2014 in ~ 15:59

WHAT chocolate????Candy crush Saga Level 102 ~ above iPad.WHAT chocolate???

12 march 2014 in ~ 00:22

Very tedious only completed v the assist of rollers from bonus wheel.

16 march 2014 in ~ 11:36

Why do some civilization have cacao on this level and also some of us don't. I execute not have chocolate. It.s really hard!!!!

20 march 2014 at 04:01

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The cacao is not on the updated version. I carry out not have actually chocolate. Still can't do it. I can't also break with to the bottom section. Life's too short; I'm quitting!

5 June 2014 at 17:16
Debra Greenesaid...

I am all set to stop this game. 102 has actually been for this reason frustrating ! I have actually only once obtained somewhere on the bottom. I have been playing and playing because that 2 mainly now. Ns am playing on a kindle fire HDX and it is quiet hard and also no cacao !!!! i am an extremely mad. Someone told me to come below for help , ns don't see anyone help me victory this level ???