Last Updated on March 21, 2021Learning exactly how to patch an Intex pool is vital to make certain your Intex pool lasts a lengthy time. Because you’ll be making use of pool chemicals to save your pool water clean, these chemicals might cause holes and also tears after continual use. You additionally need to take into consideration that sharp objects, whether it’s from a branch or your child’s playthings, have the right to damage your swimming pool even if you’re being careful and also vigilant.

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How To Patch An Intex Pool: Step-by-Step GuideGather the crucial tools and also materialsInspect your Intex poolPrepare to patchHow To Verify The Need To Patch Your Intex PoolWhat To Do If Patching Does Not Work?Frequently Asked Questions When Patching Intex PoolsCan an Intex pool be patched?How carry out I find the leak in my Intex pool?

Despite having some of the many sturdy over ground pools, Intex cannot totally prevent punctures and tears from happening as soon as you use your pool. The great news for Intex pool owners is the majority of tears or holes in your swimming pool have the right to be fixed by utilizing the ideal pool patch and knowing the exact area of the leak whether it’s on the bottom of your pool or your pool walls.

Don’t concern, unless you have actually a huge tear or just a pretty old liner, you have the right to still most likely solve it with a pool patch.

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How To Patch An Intex Pool: Step-by-Step Guide

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Patching an Intex pool is not that tough even if this is your first time doing this project. One thing that would certainly determine the ease of patching your Intex pool is the products you’ll be using to resolve your pool. We recommfinish utilizing the Intex patching kit considering that these are made specifically for use on Intex pools. Using a third-party company’s patching kit may require you to make some adjustments on your component since they’re for usage on miscellaneous pool types.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Gather the crucial devices and also materials

Many Intex pools come via a patching kit and also fabric that you deserve to use to deal with holes and pool tears as soon as they occur on your above ground pool. Gather them and acquire a pair of scissors as well.

Inspect your Intex pool

Find the part/s of your pool that will certainly require patching. Determine if these holes can be solved using your patching kit or if they’re too big already that you can need help from a pool experienced.

Prepare to patch

It’s advisable to cut your patching kit circularly and also make it at least an inch larger than the tear or hole you have to cover. This means if the diameter of the hole on your pool liner is about an inch, your patch must be 2 inches in diameter.

Put the patch on your pool

If you’re placing a patch on a filled Intex pool or underwater, then you must put a little amount of patching adhesive from your kit onto the backside of your patch, then fold it in half to spreview the adhesive. Wait for at least 10 minutes for it to cure, then immerse it right into the water while you store the patch folded. When you’re near the tear in your pool liner, open it, and place it over the hole. Make certain that you press firmly to ensure that the patch covers the hole or tear effectively.

When you’re patching the above the water line or a hole in your inflatable ring, you have to squeeze a pea-sized adhesive to your patch and the surchallenge you should put it on, wait at least 10 minutes, then start placing the patch, put press on the center and job-related your method towards the edges.

Also, if you’re going to patch the ring of your Intex pool, make certain it’s inflated so you can effectively cover all its holes.

How To Verify The Need To Patch Your Intex Pool

Knowing when to patch an Intex pool deserve to conserve you money from spfinishing on expensive pool repairs. Pool water leaks and also losing air on your blow up ring in a brief period are indications that you have to patch your Intex pool ASAP.

If the pool’s water level has dropped also if you have your pool extended, then you have to think about the truth that you’re taking care of a pool leak and you should discover its precise place quickly.

Also, you have to consider the age of your pool liner. If you have actually not used your pool liner for even more than 5 years, then it’s certainly worth patching. But if it’s more than that, then you can think about getting a new pool liner instead.

Of course, you likewise need to aspect in the size of the hole or tear. A two-inch tear have the right to still be solved by your typical pool patch. But a 5-inch hole in your pool liner is a various story, you deserve to attempt and also resolve it with vinyl patch kits, however if that doesn’t host, then you could need to acquire a brand-new pool liner or a brand-new Intex pool altogether.

What To Do If Patching Does Not Work?

If holes or tears are constantly appearing on your Intex pool, then you might desire to examine first if your pool is properly leveled. Also, look for any kind of sharp objects that might have brought about this issue. Draining your pool could assist.

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If your patching kit is not doing a good job, you might take into consideration buying one or 2 of these patching options.