What"s different around the 2 arrangements?

One setup uses four chords (see farther down the page), and the simple version over has just two chords. The melody is in both conventional notation and guitar tabs.

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The basic version - why simply 2 chords?

It is true that the many satisfying arrangements of this Christmas song will have 3 or more chords (the I, IV, and V chords, and also perhaps the V of V), not simply 2 together I have in this version.

However, because that a VERY brand-new beginner, 2 chords come worry around is enough! 

My newest students use the "small C" and "small G7" (see mine Big guitar Chords page) in solder Bells, and also the song sounds simply fine.

Plus, the guitar tabs melody has lots of open up string notes, make this song very easy to choose for a beginner, when they understand just how tablature works.

Uh-oh... They have actually to change strings!

Well ns didn"t speak that the melody will be simple for a new flat-picker! Changing strings as it does, a starting person will probably struggle v it in ~ first. 

What battles will a student encounter v this melody?

 They will have to find

the correct string because that the left hand... then the correct fret... then the exactly left hand finger... and critical of all the appropriate hand must pluck the correct string! All in ~ the very same time. No wonder start guitar players commonly feel a disconnect in between what lock intend, and the sounds that in reality come the end of the guitar!

Which is why familiar songs space so beneficial for beginner guitar players...

But at least there are lots of repeated notes, and the main note is an open up string. And phew! -- almost all kids know this song, therefore it provides it much easier to learn!

The fancier version

Okay, here"s the fancier version with 4 chords:


Your younger students won"t it is in pleased about the F chord, in all likelihood, however they have to start functioning on it sometime!  

For newbies, I always start v a "little" F chord - 1 string, or 2 strings, or 3 strings.

How lyrics aid students count

Use the familiarity the this Christmas tune to practice counting.

I recommend encouraging her student to sing the words as they play solder Bells etc tabs - to sing lyrics together they pat will assist keep lock on the beat.

When they obtain to the half and totality notes, that transforms line 2, for example, into "Jingle all the way -2 -3 -4!  O what funny it is to ride (in-a) one horse o-pen sleigh -2 -eigh - 4!"

Learning more about chord relationships

Now... Music theory time!

When your etc player to know the timing of the chord changes, have them adjust to a different key with you.

Talk about the I and V chords (1 and also 5 chords), and also hold up your fingers to counting from C approximately G.  "C, D, E, F, G..." Okay; C is the first chord, and G is the fifth chord in that lineup. 

That is the strongest "family" partnership of chords that there is!

Even if they room a small familiar through the principle of "I" and also "V" chords walk together, the is an excellent to review every lesson.

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What around playing in a greater or lower key?

Can they change keys without utilizing music?

What happens if we readjust to the crucial of G? Help castle think their way through it: The i chord would be G, that course, yet then what would certainly the V chord be? 

Hold increase the hand, allude to finger 1, and say, "G... A... B... C... " and also stop to let them to speak "D!" then play jingle Bells with those 2 chords.

Really finding out the musical alphabet

Saying the alphabet is easy, right?  But what around BACKWARDS?

If your student has trouble remembering the music alphabet, then you must put it on your lesson sheet because that a couple of weeks, till they have the right to say an extremely QUICKLY "A-B-C-D-E-F-G; G-F-E-D-C-B-A!"

Believe me, speak the alphabet backwards rapid is a many FUN.  Make it a race!