- during programming procedure, her garage door or defense gate may open or close. Make certain that people and also objects are clear that the garage door, gate, etc. That you room programming.

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DO no release the buttons until step 4 has actually been completed.

6. Push and also release the program switch located ~ above the garage door opener’s motor to activate the “training mode”. This button is usually situated near the antenna wire that hangs down from the motor. If the cable originates indigenous under a light lens, you will must remove the lens to access the cultivate button.

NOTE:Once you have pushed and also released the training switch on the garage door opener’s motor and also the “training light” is lit, you have actually 30 seconds in i m sorry to do step 7. For convenience, use the aid of a 2nd person to help when performing this step.

homelink.com or call 1-800-355-3515.

NOTE:If programming a garage door opener, etc., the is advised to unplug the an equipment during the “cycling” procedure to prevent feasible damage come the garage door opener components.

Programming trouble-diagnosis

If you proceed to have actually programming difficulties, please contact the NISSAN consumer Affairs Department. The phone number are located in the Foreword of this Owner’s Manual.

Clearing the programmed information

Individual buttons cannot be cleared, yet to clear every programming, push and also hold the two exterior buttons and release once the indicator light begins to speed (in around 20 seconds).

3. Push and hold the hand-held transmitter button.

If your automobile is stolen

FCC Notice:

This device complies through FCC rules part 15. Operation is topic to the complying with two conditions: (1) This machine may not reason harmful interference and (2) This an equipment must accept any kind of interference that may be received, including interference the may cause undesired operation.

The transmitter has been tested and complies through FCC and DOC/MDC rules.

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Changes or adjustments not specifically approved by the party responsible for compliance can void the user’s government to run the device.